Approx. 77% of consumers would prefer Dine out over delivery, post lockdown: Dineout Survey

Lockdown and COVID-19 has urged people to prioritize personal hygiene over any other factor. Restaurateurs have been worrying about the changed in people mindset due fears about health safety thus avoiding dine out. But a recent survey by India‚Äôs largest dining out and restaurant tech platform, Dineout might come as a relief to restaurant owners... Continue Reading →

Dineout joins Zomato in providing contactless dining

Few days back, Zomato had announced that the food tech platform will sign up restaurants for its new Contactless Dining platform which will began once the lockdown ends. After Contactless Delivery, the company is now focussing on preparing restaurants post lockdown era by offering boutique of Contactless Dining services through its platform. Joining the race... Continue Reading →

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