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Tata Steel releases digital film ‘The Washout’

Due to COVID-19, people across the globe have started washing their hands more often. The World Health Organization (WHO) advisory calls for washing hands for at least 20 seconds. But, this seems to have given rise to a water crisis.

Recently, Wunderman Thompson South Asia conceptualised a digital film titled ‘The Washout’ for Tata Steel. The film, produced by Little Lamb Films, is based on a social experiment, wherein, people were asked to send in videos of their handwashing routine.

“Just before COVID-19 hit, the major focus was on the water shortage problem around the world, and how it’s going to impact the future. With the fear of COVID-19 suddenly taking centre stage, and the message of handwashing bombarding the media, the water woes took a backseat for the time being. No one talked about closing the tap while washing your hands. In most videos being circulated, the water being wasted became a blind spot for everyone. We at Wunderman Thompson wanted to highlight the issue in a way where we wanted to grab the attention of the viewer through yet another handwashing video, and bring in the water wasting habit as a surprise at the very end,” says Arjun Mukherjee, VP and executive creative director, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata.

“The challenge for the production house was how to pull this through, considering the scenario. Also, the shots had to be presented in a believable way. So, we zeroed in on people who’re into filmmaking. DOPs, directors, assistant directors and so on, who had a good idea of how to shoot and make the frame look good. Then we chose only those wash basins which were conducive for us and asked the family members to show us how they washed their hands with soap properly. Each and every shot and angle was remotely directed, and going with the ethos of the film, we made sure that not a single drop of water was wasted,” added Mukherjee.

With so many ‘home-made ads’ around, what were the challenges involved in creating the film from home? Says Mukherjee, “The first challenge is when there’s a limitation to shoot, then the idea and content has to be that much stronger for the film to work, irrespective of the quality of the shots. Second, because everything is being managed remotely, the pre-production work had to be that much stronger to avoid any hiccups. Patience is very important in the current scenario because not everything can go according to plan, and the flexibility should be there to course-correct accordingly.”

Meanwhile, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently faced backlash for a similar reason during his #SafeHands challenge video on Twitter. The public health initiative was a step-by-step guide meant to demonstrate the best handwashing practices. Although, throughout the video, the water from the tap kept running, leading to widespread disappointment.

HDFC Bank releases song of hope ‘Hum Haar Nahin Maanenge’ in collaboration with A.R. Rahman and Prasoon Joshi

HDFC Bank has released #HumHaarNahinMaanenge (we will not give up), a collaborative song of hope. The single is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of India and millions of Indians who are standing together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this track, HDFC Bank wants to show its solidarity and support to the nation by encouraging more and more people to donate to PM-CARES Fund. Every donation makes a difference and the bank appeals to one and all to contribute. It will also contribute Rs 500/- each time the song is shared via social media as this small action will have a multiplier effect on the amount that is being contributed towards the PM-CARES Fund from HDFC Bank.

The song was conceptualized as a clarion call to spread hope, positivity and motivation. The powerful, emotional track reminds people that we are in this together and we will get through it together. The song brings to fore the many moments of kindness, hope, support, courage and care that are shining through in these challenging circumstances.

It is composed by Oscar and Grammy Award-winning musician A.R. Rahman, and the lyrics are penned by noted lyricist and poet, Prasoon Joshi. The track also brings together an ensemble of musicians from all over India. The featured artists include names such as Clinton Cerejo, Mohit Chauhan, Harshdeep Kaur, Mika Singh, Jonita Gandhi, Neeti Mohan, Javed Ali, Sid Sriram, Shruti Haasan, Shashaa Tirupati, Khatija Rahman and Abhay Jodhpurkar. India’s premier percussionist Sivamani, sitarist Asad Khan and bass prodigy Mohini Dey are also part of this esteemed project.

“As a socially responsible corporate citizen we want to do the best that we can for our nation,” said Ravi Santhanam, chief marketing officer, HDFC Bank. “Through this tribute we want to touch the heart of every person in the country and let them know that they are not alone. Together, we will emerge stronger. Right now, every contribution, bolsters the nation’s effort to fight the pandemic. We salute the undying spirit of our countrymen and reiterate our commitment to help and support to defeat COVID-19,” He added.

“This song has brought all of us together for a noble cause and we hope it inspires the nation to come together too,” said composer A.R. Rahman.

“Though this is not the most ideal of circumstances for creativity but as artists we have to break through adversity and catch the finger of hope. My poem is centred around the thought of the un-putdownable spirit of us humans. We have much to learn, but together we will surmount the odds, we won’t give up,” said lyricist Prasoon Joshi.

Together with HDFC Bank, this campaign has been conceptualised and executed by their creative agency partner Kinnect and digital media firm Qyuki.

Bajaj Allianz launch new digital campaign to encourage people to pursue their life goals

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has launched a digital campaign #GoalsNeverLockDown, to encourage people to continue pursuing their life goals remotely, at a time when they cannot step out of their homes.

According to the company, the video brings in optimism among people in these challenging times and inspires them to keep pursuing their life goals by not letting the lockdown get the better of their thoughts of achieving their Life Goals. After all, the lockdown only means restrictions on one’s movement, not on one’s thinking and Life Goals #SochPeNoLockdown toh #LifeGoalsPeNoLockdown.

Chandramohan Mehra, chief marketing officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, said, “The initiative resonates with the prevailing positive mindset amongst a certain section of audience who do not want the lockdown to hit a pause button on their LifeGoals. The brand advocates to leverage the opportunity to pursue long neglected passion, acquire new skills and focus on health so that life goals remain on track”.

Goodknight promotes idea of ‘Stay Home, Stay Protected’ through its new campaign

Coronavirus outbreak has created havoc in world with number of active cases crossing more than 2.6 million people. As the virus reaches its peak in India the need of social distancing and staying home is far more important now. To promote the idea of social distancing, Mosquito control brand of Godrej Group, Goodknight has launched a new brand campaign ‘Stay Home, Stay Protected’.

The brand has unveiled a film featuring crowdsourced shots of Godrej Consumer Products employees along with their families. This film is conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson and created in a time of five days, will be promoted on television and digital platforms.

Be it health, movies, food, each family have its interests and activities that define them and brings them together. Goodknight asked employees to send videos of their family with a cool one-line description of what defines their families. Although the current pandemic requires us to stay at home, it is a time that brings together families too. Such moments need to be cherished positively.

Speaking on the new campaign, Sunil Kataria, chief executive officer, India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products (GCPL), said, “We understand that these are testing times for the country and as a brand stands for securing happy moments of families, Goodknight aims at spreading the message of safety and togetherness. This highlights the resilient spirit of ours to fight against the pandemic. Goodknight urges people to stay indoors and spend these moments with their families in a meaningful way, as this will help us to emerge stronger from the current situation.”

HDFC Bank launches Safety Grid campaign to reiterate social distancing

HDFC Bank has launched social distancing campaign #HDFCBankSafetyGrid. Conceptualised and created by Leo Burnett India, the campaign to cover over 4,000 essential service stores across metros in India.

Using the outer grid of HDFC Bank logo that is synonymous with trust, the Bank has created physical markers on the ground to help people maintain the World Health Organisation ( WHO) prescribed “social” distance while waiting in queue at a shop or an establishment.

“In this hour of need, when the nation is fighting the pandemic, we have decided to put the bank logo, known to millions of Indians, on the ground, for their safety and protection,” said Ravi Santhanam, chief marketing officer, HDFC Bank.

“HDFC Bank and its logo has been synonymous with trust for over 25 years now. We have defied convention, for our belief is that safety of the people and social distancing is very important to fight Covid19. And we are honoured that we are able to use our logo to send a message across to the people. The cause that we are fighting for today is much greater than any marketing rules and norms. And every effort or contribution counts,” Santhanam added.

Speaking about the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, managing director, India and chief creative officer, Leo Burnett South Asia, said, “Social distancing is one of the primary ways in which we can keep this deadly disease at bay. But in reality, one does need to step out to buy essentials. The grids are a physical manifestation of the social distancing individuals must maintain in any public setting. It’s a simple but extremely powerful idea a simple solution, albeit a bold one.”

After a successful pilot in Kolkata, the Safety Grid campaign has been launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Bhubaneswar.

‘The Safety Grid’ will be painted in front of the space leading to various retail outlets such as pharmacies , grocery stores, and ATMs, among others. Each grid will be placed at an optimal WHO prescribed distance of one meter from each other. To begin with, “The Safety Grid” will be implemented at over 4,000 essential services stores across the 8 cities. So far, it has been implemented at over 1,750 essential services stores.

Mumbai Police leads in spreading public awareness through twitter

Mumbai has been hardest hit in coronavirus pandemic with total active cases rising to more than 1500. The government has been taking several initiatives to stop transmission of this virus. To add to this Mumbai Police has been proactive in its approach with witty and humorous tweets to create awareness of social distancing.

They have always tried connecting with people on social media using witty quotes or even Bollywood references. This method taken up by the Mumbai Police has not only helped them garner a lot of attention over the years but has also assisted them in reaching out to a wider audience.

Recently, while addressing people about the importance of staying home while the coronavirus pandemic spreads, Mumbai Police came out with an interesting tweet. Their tweet had a poster that read, “ O Corona Kabhi Mat Aana (O Corona, Never Come)” and along with this they also used the #EverySTREEtSafe. Every Bollywood movie buff out there would have by now clearly understood that this was in reference to the Raj Kumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ‘STREE’

In their recent posts, they have also used the character of “Professor” from the famous Netflix series “Money Heist” which had recently released its 4th part. The idea of constantly keeping up with the interest of the audience has helped the Mumbai Police develop effective communication with the public. They strictly focus on emphasizing these general interests and characters with the current issue in hand.

Mumbai Police have always been actively present on social media and they have rightfully used this presence to spread awareness and information to the public during such difficult times. They have always been abreast with the latest trending interests, and also focuses on keeping the mood light and funny with their creatives. This wasn’t the first time and surely won’t be the last, where we’ll get to explore the witty side of the Mumbai Police. Here are some of the funny ways they tried to spread awareness about the covid-19 pandemic in recent times, by making pop culture references.

In their recent tweet, Mumbai Police used creative meme of famous Sarabhai vs Sarabhai series with its famous character Rosesh Sarabhai. Quotes said by Rosesh was directed at importance of social distancing.

SBI Life Insurance launch new campaign ‘We Can, We Will!’ to promote power of unity

SBI Life Insurance has unveiled ‘We Can, We Will !’ anthem campaign that reiterates the power of collective unity and solidarity to fight the spread of Covid-19. The anthem works as a clarion call to rally the nation in the face of current challenges, the theme ‘We Can, We Will !’ signifying that no challenge seems too big when we are united together…

The anthem was conceptualised by Be the Bee and the video featuring 27 TV celebrities from various parts of the country was executed by Mindshare. Establishing a regional connect, the TV celebrities can be seen singing the ‘We Can, We Will !’ anthem from their respective homes in local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Assamese and Odia, thereby reflecting the nation’s true spirit of unity in diversity.

SBI Life is also leveraging digital tools to foster further camaraderie among citizens in times of social distancing. Viewers can create their own personal video by visiting the microsite to lip-sync the We Can, We Will ! anthem, thereby spreading the message of staying united together in the current challenging times.

Ravindra Sharma, chief of brand and corporate communications, SBI Life Insurance, said, “The Coronavirus outbreak has thrown up multiple, unprecedented challenges for people from all walks of life and the entire nation is exploring solutions to tide through this crisis. In these current times of self-isolation, the anthem is our humble effort to lift the spirits of every individual and remind them that as a nation we need to stay together, as with our collective will power We Can and We Will overcome the biggest of challenges.”

To launch the campaign, the brand bought out airtime on leading channels from the ZEEL cluster at prime time on April 13. Simultaneously, the campaign video has also released on company’s official Youtube, and several social media channels.

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