Deepa Ramchandani, founder of Dhisukham Counselling Services, expresses gratitude towards her mentors.

How often we remember our mentors who have helped us through our journey, who have pushed us in achieving our dreams, who have become our guiding light when we needed them the most!

This soulful post is written for the founder of Dhisukham counselling services, Deepa Ramchandani. She is expressing her gratitude towards her mentors! Isn’t this makes this post already a special one?

Over to you Deepa..

Deepa : I have met many magical people during my professional journey who have made me what I am today. They are my guiding light. They supported me without any selfish reasons. Via this post, I would like to express my gratitude towards the people who are my support pillars. Thank you Sonalify for providing your platform.

Suprithy Paliwal : She was my teacher during Graduation. I met her again in gym after few years. During that time I was searching for some direction and she guided me for doing M.A. in Psychology. My whole professional journey started from there. If she wouldn’t have had pushed me to do masters, I couldn’t have done anything. She was the first ever person who made me realise that I can restart my studies after around 10 years of gap. I learnt the magic behind these lines : “Its never too late”

Dr. Shiv Gautam : After doing my masters in Psychology, I did my internship from Gautam hospital. Thanks to Dr Shiv Gautam for his immense support during my internship.

Kavita Bhargava : After my internship, I met Dr. Kavita Bhargava. She has guided me towards my goal. She is a wonderful woman who has trusted on my capabilities more than me. She has given me a lot of emotional support too. Dr Kavita ma’am, thank you for sharing your knowledge with your students. You are my therapist.. My mentor and coach to me.

Priyanka Kumari : My Tarot card teacher. She has made my concepts of tarot card readings quite clear. Thanks for being my big support.

Rohin : Thank you Rohin for encouraging me to join a theatre workshop. You have enhanced my confidence for public speaking.

Charoo Chopra & Dr. Jyotika Gupta : Thank you for teaching me Access Bar. You both have been a great support. Thanks a lot for guiding me.

Anu Chaudhary : She does family constellation. She has given me sessions and helped in guidance. Thanks for being quite supportive during sessions. Kirti Bakshi Thank you for teaching me Metaphor Therapy.

Umesh Moolrajani : When I was teaching Tarot Cards for the first time, I gone through some issues then during that time Umesh helped me through his healings. He is very supportive. A healer and I am blessed that he is one of my mentors. He was there who made me understand how universe works and the real meaning of gratitude. His healings work like magic. He is an extraordinary person who can go beyond his limits to help someone. Thanks to his teachings that I can give 100% to my work. He is a life coach, mentor, pranic healer and an entrepreneur. He knows Reiki and a great teacher. Due to his NGO ‘Share and Serve’, I understood the concept of charity : TITHING. Whenever I achieve something even that is not so big… my first thank you goes to you from bottom of my heart..till today and will always..I always and only count that whatever I am wherever I am there is big contribution from your side .. Thank you

Poonam Mehra : She is a Pranic Healing instructor and Managing trustee of GMCKS PH trust of Rajasthan. Thanks to Umesh for connecting me with Poonam Mehra. She is humble and a kind lady. She teaches Pranic healing basic and advance. She is a good listener, full of empathy, she clears my concept of pranic healings. She supports everyone in their spiritual journey.

Neerja Handa & Yuvraj Kapadia I’ve learnt level 4 and 5 Hypnotherapy under their guidance. They have made me realise how powerful your sub conscious mind can be.

Rohini and Deepti sharma : Rohini ma’am was my first Reiki teacher & Deepti ma’am has also guided me & taught me Reiki. How powerful reiki is, I came to know via them. Thank you Deepti Sharma ma’am for all your guidance and support. You are really very supportive. Thank you for being there. With lots of love and wishes… expressing my gratitude.

Anupama S Joshi : Thank you for giving me additional Tarot knowledge.

Archana Surana : I’m a part of WMF group. Archana ma’am is the founder of this group. I must say.. Archana ma’am is an amazing mentor. Because of her, I got to know many women who are helping other women in entrepreneurship.

Sonakshi Vashistha : Founder of Shakti Group. She has made me one of the core members of the group. She has helped me to do my charity work through her NGO Annapurna. We have started an initiative of milk distribution to kids. Thanks to Annapurna for helping Dhisukham to achieve this initiative.

Art of living – First step towards spirituality

Deepika Agarwal : She has made my connection with Art of Living. Now I am mentioning all the people who were quite important part of my spiritual journey : Saurabh Shekhawat Rishi Vidyadhar Yogendra Singh Sikarwar Ajay Mittal

Rajeshwari Tharwani : She is a Vastukaar. She took me back to Art of living. She has always been a big support.

Anjleen Uppal & Anita Bhasin : Thanks for being my Mentors of Tasso

Last but not the least.. Thanks to all BNI has been one year I feel like you are my family.

Thank you.

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