In Conversation With Bhavya Jain. A Young Entrepreneur From Jaipur Who Has Recently Published His Book ‘ Big & Small Traits Of life & Business.

Hello Everyone!!

21-years-old Bhavya Jain’s book ‘Big and Small Traits of Life and Business’ was recently launched. Bhavya Jain is a young entrepreneur who has collected his experiences related to life and business style in his book. The book is about day to day related situations that can usually experienced by all small and big traders and everyone reacts to them differently as per their understanding. This book gives an unbiased view of these situations and also answers how to get out of those situations in most simple ways.

His age and enthusiasm made me little curious to know more about him as what encouraged him to move towards the decision of writing a book. I’m presenting an excerpt of my conversation with him. Have a look :

Sonalify : You are just 21!! What inspired you to write at such young age?

Bhavya : I have never thought my age as a barrier for not trying anything new or things to experience beyond my age. Everyone goes through tough times but very few people notice those times and learn some solutions from them, which can be used for future hurdles. Thus, realisation that everyone goes through tough times and situations where people get stuck and many people quit what they were doing is what inspired me to write this book.

Sonalify : What your book is all about? 

Bhavya : The book is about those situations which are faced by the people and how they react on them differently as per their thought process. This book gives a fair idea about the situations and how to get out of those situations in simple ways. The cover of the book is also very interesting as a man is holding a lamp in the fog where the fog is that situation where we are stuck and the lamp is the book which helps us to have a proper look on the situation to find the solution!! The book throws light on every aspect which is important for us to consider in life and can help us to deal with the things or to understand them better.

Sonalify : I’m intrigued by the title ‘Big and small traits of life and business’ How did you choose that for your book?

Bhavya : After finishing the book I realised that the book is for everybody not for a certain set of people. Everyone can learn from it. Thus, when I was looking to the chapters which I wrote, it suddenly clicked to me that these are the traits of our life and businesses. This is what we go through. Thus, I decided to add big and small traits to life & business because we all go through such adventures on daily basis. That’s how the title emerged.

Sonalify : Have you ever felt like giving up on writing your book?

Bhavya : That would be a no, because writing with a purpose makes your plan bold and when it is about (for people) then there is no chance to even give it a second thought.

Sonalify : What is the best thing about being a young writer?  

Bhavya : I would say people of my age have early access to many advantages to explore and they can utilise this time by being best in their professions and can get time to learn from mistakes. Focus plays an important role here.

What’s the worst? 😀

Bhavya : There are few problems which people of my age can face like fear of sharing their thoughts, lack of resources in terms of finances, rejections from people to proceed further etc.

Sonalify : Your top 5 favourite books?

Bhavya :

1)Crushing it- Gary Vaynerchuk

2)Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

3) Zero to one- Peter Thiel with Blake Masters

4) Shoe Dog- Phil Knight

5) The art of Thinking Clearly- Rolf Dobelli

Sonalify :  Any advice for your young readers out there?

Bhavya : Read what you want to be like!! Reading makes you more clear as what you want do & achieve in your life. It puts a great impact. So choose wisely, read daily!

Wow!! Isn’t it great to see such young people growing with a vision. I wish him good luck with all his future endeavours.

If you wish to read bhavya’s book, you can contact him at :

Or you can get his book on amazon : Click here

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