In conversation with Arundhati, founder of ITAHDNURA KOLLECTION. Her mesmerising journey is indeed an inspiration for all.

Hello Everyone!!! How are you?

Today I bring before you my conversation (well an online conversation.. to be precise :P) with Arundhati, the face behind the brand, ITAHDNURA KOLLECTION

We all are mesmerised by the charm of creativity & art, but what lies behind it a lot of hard work and consistent belief in oneself & Arundhati demonstrates this very well.

It’s been many years since me & Arundhati are connected via Twitter & I must say that she is a person full of life & energy.

So come, let’s have a look at her story and see how her journey has been as an entrepreneur..

Sonalify : So Arundhati, tell me something about you and about your venture?

Arundhati : Itahdnura Kollection started as a hobby around seven years ago. I always loved buying earrings online but realized that other websites add a huge margin to the prices. That was when I decided to sell fashion jewellery at pocket-friendly prices.

Sonalify : How did it all start? Have you ever thought of doing something like this before?

Arundhati : I have always had a dream of being an entrepreneur but had never thought of having my own ecommerce website. It all started with a spontaneous decision. I was shopping at a mall and I found a pair of earrings that I already had. The pair cost 70% more than the ones I had. That was when I decided to collaborate with designers and manufacturers and make the products available at a reduced margin. The idea was to price the jewellery in such a way that not only is it pocket-friendly but the manufacturers get their deserved profits as well. This idea also helped me develop a good relationship with my manufacturers. They respect the fact that I do not hype up the prices of their products and make huge profits myself.

Sonalify : What is the History behind this name ‘ ITAHDNURA KOLLECTION’?

Arundhati : The plan was to have a collection of artificial fashion jewellery – earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. I thought of a lot of funky names, but I wanted a name that was a part of me. Itahdnura is my name ‘Arundhati’ spelt in reverse. The ‘K’ in Kollection is the first letter of my surname. It just felt perfect once I thought of it.

Sonalify : What are the difficulties you face, being a Jewellery seller? 

Arundhati : I wanted the jewellery to be accessible online. I wanted a payment gateway and a good logistics partner to ensure smooth functioning. A lot of people don’t know this, but I have created my website on my own without any knowledge of website creation/programming. It started out as a project to try and build something new. 7 years on and I still work myself on all the stages. From procuring a product, clicking and editing product pictures, uploading the photos, deciding the prices, managing the orders and dispatching. I enjoy each stage of this process.

Sonalify : What keeps you motivated?

Arundhati : Client feedback keeps me motivated. I also have a lot of customers that I have retained over all these years. That helps me stay motivated. 

Sonalify : Are you planning to bring your business on other e-retail platforms as well? 

Arundhati : I was approached by Amazon and Flipkart. However, that would mean me escalating the prices to adjust for the additional costs. That is against my idea behind starting ‘Itahdnura Kollection’.  I want the manufacturer to get their deserved prices without making disproportionate profits out of the selling price.

Sonalify : Your sweetest moment/ memory as an entrepreneur? 

Arundhati : A 7-year-old kid had once sent me an email to buy some jewellery for her single mother. She said she did not know how she could pay for the jewellery though. That is the sweetest memory I have as an entrepreneur. We did work out a way and she was delighted that she could gift something to her mom from her pocket money. 

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for my readers out there?

Arundhati : Dream big, start small. Work on your ideas. You will come across a lot of people telling you that things can go wrong. Trust your instincts and do not give up without a good fight. 

Wow!! I must say.. it was indeed a soulful conversation with her!!

If you are looking forward to check out the collection, then you can ping her on :





and now this is Sonali Agarwal signing off.

I shall catch up with you with my next post.

Till then..

Stay creative & keep that fire alive in your heart. ❤

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