Much awaited Cafe in the city, ‘Jaipur Blues’ had an Musical Inauguration

From food to art to warmth: New cafe in the city, ‘Jaipur Blues’ offers it all

New memories this winter deserve new places! To feel all the warmth and love tucked in this cold season, one has to surely visit the newest cafe named “Jaipur Blues” at the heart of the city, “Ashoknagar”. The cafe is a perfect aesthetic and insta-worthy place that one simply cannot miss out on. To suit this cafe per the visitor’s taste, the team has dedicated an entire spacy house for people to get all comfy and homely feeling just as they step in. The interior is a magmatic blend of bohemian style and architecture that would sway visitors completely awakening the “arts-thetic” in them!

Famous and one of the most celebrated singers of India, Gajendra Verma, inaugurated “The Jaipur Blues” cafe this December 5 with great pomp and splendour. Gajendra stole the show with his august presence and it was one of the great evening Jaipur had!

Gajendra has been working in the industry for quite a few years now and he rose to great heights with his track “Tera Ghata” which had set a benchmark for him and his music. Fans have been going gaga over his music since then. So to hear him live was one of the golden times spectators had. Everyone was also in love with how candid he was during the meet and greet session.

Gajendra also was very impressed with the service and artistry of the cafe. So, visitors should visit the cafe and take the absolute feel of this warm place. This boho-themed artsy cafe offers the best continental food in the city. So, to relish the taste buds this winter, this cafe is one of the must-visits! The cafe promises people to offer them the best place with the best food and finally help them to create their best memories!

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