This Diwali, gift a bundle of joy & wellness with Arogyalaxmi’s Ayurvedic food products.

Diwali is round the corner & the feeling of festive vibes fills up everyone’s heart with so much joy & positivity. Although this phase is little tough for everyone due to Covid pandemic. This time the ways of celebrating Diwali festival will be little different than the usual celebrations thus, we brought you different gift packages too. 

This year, Arogyalaxmi, an Ayuvedic health care unit, brings handcrafted & festive curated gifts packs for everyone. We are here to break the stereotype by making our Ayurvedic products yummy in taste and mixing it with daily routine’s healthy ingredients. We assure you a pinch of festivity & a dash of purity with our handcrafted Ayurvedic Food Products. So make your Diwali more vibrant & a chance to boost your immunity as well.

Ayurvedic Food Products, Diwali Gigts

So check out some details of our Ayurvedic products which are curated with the organic ingredients & with proper Indian chanting to enhance its purity. 

Arogya Energy Balls

Benefits :

1. Provide instant energy 

2. Improve immunity

3. Improve Digestion and Appetite  

4. Help to maintain body weight 

Advise: Take 2 balls in Breakfast.

Ingredients: Blend of seeds and nuts with Aswaghndha, Mulethi along with Dates and Jaggery.

Immuno Milk Mix:


1. Rejuvenate the body 

2. Improves immunity system

3. Improves Digestion power

4. Boost memory

5. Balance Sleep     

Advise: Take half table spoon with warm milk at night

Ingredients: Blend of Seeds and nuts along with Haldi, Daalchini, Brahmi etc.

 Ayush Arogya Peya (Kahda) :


1. Improves the resistance power of the body

2. Improves Immunity 

3. Improve digestion 

4. Remove Toxins from the blood 

5. Makes Body light

Advise: Add 1gm powder to 1 cup boiling water. Take morning and evening (Empty stomach)

Ingredients: Nagar, Twak, Vasa, kantkari, Madhuyasthi, Gojivha

Roasted Mix Seeds:

Benefits :

1. High in omega-3 fats.

2. Rich source of fibre.

3. Rich in vitamins & minerals.

4. Contain high-quality protein;

5. This is a vegan and gluten free snack

Advise: Health snacks evening time

Ingredients: Blend of Sesame seed, Flax Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Watermelon Seed is your ultimate source of nutritional requirement.

Eucalyptus Raw honey :


1. Natural healing properties.

2. It has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Nutritive, antioxidants, flavonoids and healing keep people healthy.

4. It helps moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria.

5. Honey helps in reducing ulcers & other bacterial gastrointestinal disorders.

6. It is also effective at relieving you from the pain and itchiness of insect bites and stings.

Advise: Take one tablespoon daily.

Granola Balls : 

Benefits : 

1 Reduces Cholesterol

2 Boosts Energy

3 Great Source of Vitamin E

4 Helps Weight Loss

Advise to take 2 balls with Breakfast

Ingredients:  Blend of Oats, nuts, seeds, dates and jaggery.

Gooseberry Jam


1. Boost immunity 

2. Good for skin & hair

3. Improve digestion 

4. Good for Anemic Individuals

5. Good Source of Minerals

6. Rich in antioxidant

Ingredients: Gooseberry (amla), Sugar/brown sugar, Cardamom

Rejuvenation Tea 

Benefits : 

  1. Energize your body
  2. Fat loss
  3. Boosts Immunity
  4. Helps in relaxation

Ingredients : Mixture of Ayurvedic herbs to be used with boiling water

Roasted Gram Mix : 


1. High in proteins

2. Helps in Weight loss

3. Diabetic Snack

Ingredients : Blend of Roasted  Jaw, Jawar, Bajara, chana etc 

Advise : Healthy snacks evening time

We are accepting orders now!

Online orders accepted

 We make fresh products every time we receive the order thus, it’s recommended that place your order 10-12 days before. Shipping all over India. 

Payment via Google pay/PayTM/Bank Transfer

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We wish you a safe, happy & joyful festive season.

Take Care ❤ 

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