A personalised gift that ensures Health

With this whole pandemic situation going around, it is quite evident that human beings are beginning to accept the fact that we will have to learn & live with CoVid co-existing in the environment. With this notion, people are coming up with awe-inspiring innovations in almost every aspect of life and the gift industry isn’t spared. 

Now, people not only look for Creativity when it comes to planning a gift for their loved ones but also prefer choosing the presents from a source that is safe and if they find a healthy alternative to the cliché  options, it just makes everything better, right?

One such brand that I came across recently is Mr. Coconut, a novel venture offering the best quality of fresh tender coconuts and the catch here is their innovative style of printing any name, logo and sketch on the Coconuts to make it a customised keep-sake for your nears and dears. 


Enumerated below are a few reasons why Mr. Coconut is the best choice for you to pick gifts for your loved ones on occasions like Festivals, Birthdays, Anniversaries and any special event. 

  • Organic is the new way of living and what better than a good glass of Coconut Water, that is appetising to the tastebuds and beneficial for health. We all are well acquainted with the benefits of drinking Coconut Water and when it is of premium quality, as offered by Mr. Coconut, it will work miraculously on your health. The premium quality coconuts that they offer are good for boosting immunity and maintaining good health.
  • You can get customised gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, social parties, corporate events and what not with your loved ones picture on it or the brand’s logo on it or with the events name written on it and it will leave a distinct impression on your clientele or make your loved ones feel the warmth of love through this gesture.
  • Another Innovative Concept by the brand includes Flavoured Coconut Water wherein natural fruit flavour is infused in Coconut Water as per your liking. Some of the available Flavours are Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Orange, and the list goes on and on upto 14 of such delicious fruity add-on.
  • Coconut water detox bottles is yet another Hit Product by Mr. Coconut. In this one, they prepare detox water in special detox bottles for specific health requirements using natural healing ingredients. 
  • Some of their new products are in pipeline too which they will soon be launching. These included Shakes and Smoothies with Coconut Milk Base, Summer Coolers and slushes with Coconut Water Base, Coconut Ice Cream and Popsicles and a lot more.
  • Free home delivery is also available for bulk orders. However, if you wish to visit their Cafe, it’s in C-Scheme (location available on Google Maps). Mr. Coconut Cafe is a chic little space with tropical vibes. Along with relishing all things Coconut, you can also have a feast upon your favourite tit bit snacks like Sandwiches & Bhels, and beverages like Cold coffee, Shakes, Ice Tea and Mojitos.
  • For everyday Coconut water requirements, they also accept bulk orders at nominal cost and that’s how you can have a regular intake of only premium quality Coconut water, delivered at your doorstep. It is a hassle-free option to opt for Healthy living. So go on, place bulk orders for Coconut Water now!
  • The price of the Coconuts ranges from ₹50 for the basic Coconut Water, to ₹100 for the Customised one with a sketch printed on it, and goes up till ₹ 350-400 for detox bottles.
  • One thing that bothers us while ordering coconuts at home is the hassle of opening it. Mr. Coconut has a solution for that too. They offer a stainless steel Coconut Opener which makes the process super smooth. This is priced under ₹200 which is very good for a one time investment thing.
  • Plastic straw is a serious concern and to overcome this eco-unfriendly idea of enjoying a drink, Mr. Coconut has come up with biodegradable straws. These straws are made up of corn and will cause no or least harmful effect on the environment.

When asked about the Coconuts, they told  us that these are being sourced from the southern parts of India where best quality Coconut is cultivated. To ensure maximum safety, the lot is transported through trusted mediums to the warehouse as soon as it is harvested from the trees. Upon arrival, each Coconut is first washed and cleansed with  Vegitox, an ayurvedic fruits and vegetables herbal wash. 

Also, if you look closely, the style of serving Coconuts at Mr. Coconut is such that they already peel off the outer green skin and immediately wrap it. Hence any chances of coming in direct contact with people is eliminated.

So now, when you are wondering about what exquisite gift to plan that is safe as well as unique, this is definitely a great option.

Know more about them from here-





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For placing the orders, you can contact them on 9799999069

With Mr. Coconut, now you can Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated! 

-Signing off while sipping in the sweetest Coconut Water!

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