Approx. 77% of consumers would prefer Dine out over delivery, post lockdown: Dineout Survey

Lockdown and COVID-19 has urged people to prioritize personal hygiene over any other factor. Restaurateurs have been worrying about the changed in people mindset due fears about health safety thus avoiding dine out. But a recent survey by India’s largest dining out and restaurant tech platform, Dineout might come as a relief to restaurant owners who are preparing themselves post-covid period by providing contactless dining features.

As per survey, 77% of consumers will opt for dine out rather than home delivery or take-away which are at 13.3% and 9.8% respectively. The report published by Dineout saw across 20 cities choosing their priorities while shortlisting a restaurant to dine out in a post-COVID world. Now diners rank safety assurance and premier hygiene as top factors when they choose a restaurant to dine out in a post-COVID world. While maximum users prefered idea of contactless dining. Following are the points related to this: –

  • Over 96% demand better waitlist management
  • 81% consumers would rather scan a QR on their phone to place an order instead of handling physical menus or tablet-based digital menus.
  • After a dining experience, 60% prefer seamless wallet-based digital payments over cash/cards
  • 85% would choose a digital valet over waiting in possibly contaminated public spaces and
  • 84% would prefer offering digital feedback over physical feedback collection

Besides the new parameters for restaurant selection, the factors deciding consumer delight have also seen a major overhaul as hygiene takes precedence. Consumers would prefer that the total number of reservations in a certain period be limited with the option to pre-select the seating, ample amounts of sanitisers at tables along with UV sanitised utensils whenever possible. Hygiene ratings with detailed hygiene information, regular hygiene checks & usage of mask and disposable gloves by waiters are likely to be the new standard, with diners expecting service personnel to sanitise tables and chairs after every use.

Ankit Mehrotra, co-founder and chief editing officer – Dineout, said, “The Indian restaurant industry is rapidly transforming before our eyes, and restaurants will have to rethink their daily operations to suit these post-COVID demands of their customers. While demand will return rapidly as millions of Indians are craving their favourite dishes, it’s also crucial to make the necessary changes to restore consumer confidence and trust by rapidly evolving the restaurant’s approach to using technology as means to implement contactless Dining. These new adaptations will push the envelope of diner convenience, and we believe they are here to stay even after we survive the physical and economic after-effects of the pandemic.”

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