Linc Pens’ new ad promotes idea of reducing plastic pollution by reusing a pen by refill

Pentonic, a brand from the house of Linc, one of the leading manufacturers of writing instruments in India, has uneviled it’s new ad to make a bold stand against plastic pollution this year. While plastic pollution generally reminds us of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers etc., no one gives a second thought to pens, which contribute majorly towards causing plastic pollution. Linc, in its drive to raise awareness against pollution caused by disposal of pens, partnered with Wunderman Thompson to spread the message of ‘reusing a pen by using a refill’. With the whole world affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic and forced to stay indoors, there was only one way of reaching out to them and starting this conversation. A film for digital media was the perfect solution to convey the message.

The animation is the crux of this ad. There‘s a girl in the ad who uses a Pentonic pen to write the names of penguin, elephant, eagle, tiger and dolphin, only to see the lines move on their own accord to become outlines of these animals.

The animation may look simple, but Arjun Mukherjee, who’s the VP and ECD at Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, says, “… the form of the animation looks simple, the morphing from the font to each animal was quite a task and took numerous experiments to achieve. So, after deciding the exact characterisation of each animation, we perfected their walk, flight or facial movements. Each cycle after being animated was shared on a video call, discussed and bettered till we were fully satisfied. The credit goes to Saptarshi Dey, the animator, who rose to the challenge singlehandedly.“

“The campaign was based on a simple insight – that, more often than not, you tend to throw away a pen as soon as you are finished writing with it, even though you can reuse it with a refill. This was the starting mark of a campaign that was a shared belief all of us had at Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, and the result of that conviction was the Earth Day film, which tried to get the point across, straight from the heart,” says Mukherjee.

Along with the animation, another eye-catching, or ear-catching, aspect of the ad is its music. Creative director Diptanshu Roy collaborated with several talented musicians from Kolkata for the project. The team wanted the music to match the free-flowing (easy) animation style, but it was the use of the mandolin and melodica in tandem that elevated the experience of the film.

“Once we agreed on the scratch, the mandolin was recorded by Diptanshu from his home, while Shireen recorded the melodica from hers on the final edit. Then, Tirthankar Ray mixed the music, did the foley sound and mastered the music from his own home for the final output. All in all, five different creative spaces in five different homes came together to make this very difficult task of animation and music achievable,” says Mukherje.

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