Dettol indirectly hits back at Baba Ramdev for spreading misleading information

Hand Sanitisers are among few products that are flying off shelf as demand for these products have exceeded the supply due to its importance in COVID-19 disease. Many FMCG companies have jumped in to this opportunity by launching their version of hand sanitisers.

The competition has intensified and competitors are keeping no stones unturned to grab piece of this market. On Tuesday, Yoga guru and promoter of Pantajali products, Baba Ramdev took a jibe at Dettol, which is leading sanitizer brand in the country. He tweeted a photograph of a bottle of Patanjali sanitiser next to a bottle of Dettol sanitiser, comparing the price and quantity of both.

His tweet pointed out that Reckitt Benckiser’s Dettol sanitiser was being sold at Rs. 82 for 50 ML while his own brand – Patanjali’s sanitiser is being sold at Rs. 55 for twice the quantity – 120 ML. The tweet is pinned on Ramdev’s profile and has garnered over 21,000 retweets and more than 92,000 likes on Twitter.

In response, Dettol put out a statement on Twitter, claiming that it is the ‘gold standard of protection’ for over 80 years and it also claimed to be the ‘most trusted protector of health in India.

In their next tweet, Dettol assured that new rates of their Hand Sanitizer are pegged at Rs. 25 for 50 ML, Rs. 30 for 60 ML & Rs. 100 for 200 ML, which are in line with Govt of India recommendations. In their subsequent reply was a direct response to Ramdev’s allegation and suggested that his initial tweet contained misinformation. The final tweet in Dettol India’s statement read – “Any communication suggesting otherwise/higher price is misleading and ill-intended. In this need of the hour, our efforts should be focused on fighting the danger of COVID19, together and refrain from acting malafide or spreading fake news.

It appears that Baba Ramdev got it all wrong by comparing old prices and netizens took an opportunity to take jibe at yoga guru by uploading pic of Dettol sanitisers with new rates printed on them. But certainely the real question lies in availability of Hand Sanitisers rather than their price.

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