YouTube garners 300 Billion views in Q1 as per Mindshare India & Vidooly report

With India under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube records 20.5% rise in subscribers as the video sharing platform garners over 300 Billion views in Q1 2020, according to the report by Mindshare India and online video intelligence and analytics platform Vidooly. Google owned Youtube posted a 13% rise in viewership in Q1 2020 when compared with Q4 2019 and 11% rise when compared to Q1 2019. Entertainment, Music & News were the top 3 genres based on content consumption contributing to over 70% of views in Q1’20. Over 90% of the views on YouTube were through Mobile devices.

The survey titled ‘COVID-19: Impact on Video Consumption Trends,’ also highlighted the increase in content consumption as the time spent by the average user rose to over 4 hours per day since the lockdown from 1.5 hours on social media platforms before March 23.

The report ascertains the impact on online content consumption trends on the video platforms of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It highlight the new ways people are looking to entertain themselves as well as be socially connected with their friends and families.

The comparison of the online content consumption trends of Q4′ 2019 and Q1’2020 details the high and low points showcasing the stickiness of the content on the video platforms with deep-dive analysis of monthly trends for each genre in Q1’2020.

A section of the report, Impact of COVID-19 on social media, identifies the content consumption trends and analyses how creators/influencers, brands and government agencies are utilizing social media platforms to communicate with their audience during this lockdown period.

YouTube has seen a 20.5% surge in subscribers-base in a span of 45 days of lockdown. COVID-related content has seen a surge of 98% in terms of views and 199% in terms of engagement. While informational content, as well as trivia, is specific to YouTube, awareness/prevention videos are thriving on Facebook. In order to garner better engagement, brands are indulging in thorough marketing through Facebook and Instagram. The Government of India’s efforts in spreading awareness have gained mileage over YouTube.

M A Parthasarathy, CEO, Mindshare South Asia commented: “In unprecedented times like these, it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of the consumer. Mindshare’s partnership with Vidooly enables us to leverage data and digital analytics to truly understand the shifts in consumer behavior when it comes to content consumption on online media platforms. Insights from this study will help us partner our clients in crafting relevant, timely and effective content solutions.”

Subrat Kar, CEO, Co-founder Vidooly says, “The worldwide lockdown has resulted in significant shifts in audience behavior, specifically in terms of online content consumption. I believe in such a scenario retention rate and watch time of videos will be the key metrics to filter and identify the best performing channels. We at Vidooly have been closely monitoring these dynamics to ascertain content that will work best for brands, influencer and government. We can definitely say that the world stage has been set to witness the new normal.”

Genre-specific observations from the report indicate a 120% spike in the number of uploads in the ‘Education’ category post lockdown. While the ‘Music’ genre, majorly short-form content, has seen a 9% decline in consumption during the lockdown period, which also indicates the shift in the consumer behaviour towards long form content. An increase in time at a consumer’s disposal is cited as the reason for this shift. Certain genres that have seen a significant increase in viewership are Food & Recipe (52%), Gaming (23%), and Information (42%).

For full report download here:

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