Facebook Publishes New Marketing Insights around Ramadan

A guest article by Dhruv Gaur, Digital Strategist at Triature Digital Marketing & Technology Pvt. Ltd

With Ramadan approaching, Facebook recently published a new set of insight, a micro-site, dedicated to marketers to connect with their audiences around the festival.

As per Facebook, “Brands have an opportunity to create meaningful connections during Ramadan by being of service to observers and taking stands on the values and issues important to the community. This should be done in a respectful way because, while business opportunities exist during the month, it is a special time for the community, particularly now when there’s a crisis at hand.”

Facebook insights around Ramadan is separated into nine different regional markets (Egypt, France, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE and United Kingdom), along with a collection of global stats in shopping.

Facebook says that 41% of worldwide Ramadan eyewitnesses report buying more during the season, while 51% of observers state that Ramadan is a time to look for best deals. As a result the number one type of activity observers want to see from brands/businesses on Facebook during Ramadan is good deals, like promotional offers or discounts. This year, when the world is facing COVID-19 outbreak Facebook is looking to provide all helpful and resources for marketers who are looking to build connection and content around Ramadan, with a new, fresh dedicated micro site which has all the insights, content, tips and reports.

The data obviously has more practical application to Middle East and African markets, where Ramadan is more commonly observed, but there are plenty of considerations here for all regions, dependent on your audience and your understanding of the event.

You can check out Facebook’s Ramadan mini-site here, or take a look at its region-specific insights here

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