Zomato and Domino’s issue clarification after delivery executive tests COVID-19 positive

On Thursday, several reports in news started circulating about a pizza delivery executive being tested positive for coronavirus in Delhi. This news spread created fear among people who were ordering outside food. Families in 72 houses in a locality in Delhi’s south district where he delivered in past have been told to observe self-quarantine, while 16 of his colleagues have been shifted to quarantine facility. Although the delivery of food, essentials and groceries has been allowed to operate by the Government of India, this incident has cast a shadow of doubt on home deliveries.

To clear the air, famous pizza food chain, Domino’s and food delivery platform, Zomato issued statement on their twitter handles to clarify the doubts in mind of consumers.

Domino’s clarified that delivery executive was not related to their chain and they are taking strict guidelines and precaution for Zero Contact Delivery. The statement said “In the interest of customers having full information, we would like to clarify that this does not pertain to Domino’s Pizza. The pizza chain said that they are taking every precaution possible to prevent the spread of coronavirus such as screening employees everyday, deep sanitising restaurants and delivery boxes, hot bags and bikes. In addition, we have moved 100 per cent of deliveries to Zero Contact Delivery thereby avoiding any physical contact with the customer,” said Domino’s”.

On the other hand,  Zomato said that some of the orders delivered by the restaurant staff were on Zomato. It said that the particular restaurant had instructed riders to follow all protocols. Meanwhile at Zomato, they are ensuring that all the delivery executives, customers and restaurant partners are safe.

Covid-19 could happen to anyone – and it is nearly impossible for all of us to completely isolate ourselves, especially when we need outside support for essentials such as food,” stated Zomato. It also said that none of their riders would and should continue working if they know they are infected with COVID-19.

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