Femina salutes COVID-19 heroes on their latest cover page

Women’s brand, Femina has stepped up in these challenging times and introduced a cover page that showcases the exemplary efforts shown by real women warriors of this crisis. Expressing their gratitude towards those risking their lives, the brand records the significant contributions of 15 powerful women who are labouring at the forefront to help control the situation.

The April issue of Femina highlights 15 phenomenal warriors, who have put the cause above themselves and fought the invisible enemy day and night to keep millions of Indians safe.

The cover page features Dr. Somdatta Satpathi (Screens 150 patients daily as medical intern in OPD & Emergency Department of her hospital), Navnit Gill (provides free meals & has given out 6500 free meals so far) Mojdeh Farashahi (Ensures that stray animals and those who feed them are fed), Nanki Papneja (Donates face masks to the hospitals) and Dr. Kirti Sabnis (Frontline as an Infectious Disease Specialist).

The brand has also presented tales depicting the heroic efforts of 10 more remarkable women who nursed the patients, aided the elderly, helped the homeless, ensured that animals on the street are well-fed, consoled families in lockdown with stories, among many other heart-warming anecdotes.

Tanya Chaitanya, editor and chief community officer, Femina, said, “While we strive to navigate through this unforeseen crisis, we, the Femina Family, stand by these unsung heroes during these tough times and salute their determination and grit towards ensuring that all of us remain safe. Their actions in these times are truly inspiring and we have no doubt that we shall emerge victorious in our fight against the virus because of their contribution and sacrifices towards society.”

An ET Report

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