Coronavirus conversations drops despite exponential growth in cases: Autumn Grey

Digital and social media marketing agency Autumn Grey recently released a report titled ‘COVID-19 India – From the Social Media Lens’. Among the topics included in the report: Conversations (different events), brand activities and communication, popular content, consumer reaction, etc.

The report says that despite the steady increase in the number of positive cases, the conversations around Coronavirus have dropped by 20 per cent. Between April 3 and 9, 2020, the buzz in India was around topics like lockdown, government actions, unavailability of alcohol, lighting candles and Donald Trump’s retaliation threat.

Education, banking & finance, pharma & health, and real estate have been some of the industries which have stayed active during the lockdown period. Education brands have been more active on social media, than banking and pharma.

Brands in QSR, retail, health & hygiene, and food categories were lauded for their efforts. On the other hand, brands in the travel space had to face aggrieved customers, who expressed disappointment over refund issues and delayed responses.

Key highlights of the report (April 3-9):

  • UP, Maharashtra, AP and TN have had the most number of COVID-19 discussions.
  • Brands in the education category were most active during this week, as compared to pharma & health in the previous weeks.
  • From March 19-25, preventive measure was the most popular content topic among all brand categories. It was replaced by social distancing during this time.

Full Report here:

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