Mobile Broadband Speeds dips in March: TRAI

trai speed

The lockdown across the country has been in place since March 25 but even before that most of the companies had asked employees to work from home. The work-from-home effect has led to a decline in 4G speeds across all the mobile operators in March. As a result of that, data usage, primarily mobile, has risen over by 20% leading to reduce in internet speeds.

Average mobile broadband speed data published by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) recorded in March showed that Bharti Airtel networks had dip of 22.5% in 4G download speed to 6.2 megabit per second in March from 8 mbps in February. Idea network speed declined by 19% to 5.1 mbps from 6.3 mbps in February and Vodafone network registered a 16% dip to 6.7 mbps in March from 8 mbps in February.

The download speed on Reliance Jio Network dropped by about 9% to 19.6 mbps in March compared to 21.5 mbps in February. The average speed is computed by Trai based on the data it collects across India with the help of its MySpeed application on a real-time basis.

The download speed helps in accessing content from various applications while upload speed helps in sharing of content by the subscribers like email, photo, video etc.

The upload speed on Bharti Airtel network in March declined to 3.2 mbps compared to 3.7 mbps in February.

Despite around 11% dip in upload speed, Vodafone network remained the fastest at 5.8 mbps. Upload speed on Idea network dipped by about 7% to 5.1 mbps in March and on Jio network it declined by about 8% to 3.6 mbps.

State-run BSNL, which provides mainly 3G services, registered a 5% in mobile broadband download speed at 1.8 mbps.

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