Berger Paints provides financial support for paint contractors

berger paints

With talks of the nationwide lockdown getting extended gaining momentum, Berger Paints India Limited has come forward to help painting contractors tide over the crisis through financial assistance. The company has already started the process of transferring money directly into the bank account of the contractors who have been associated with the company.

The company intends to cover more than 20,000 contractors across India with this activity. More than 5000 painters have already been transferred money in their accounts last week under phase 1 of the program. The money would help these families in getting daily essentials and to cater to any emergency in a time when their incomes have taken a hit as all painting activities have come to a screeching halt with the lockdown in place.

“The Painting contractors have always been an integral part of the larger Berger Family and we feel humbled that we are in position to support them in this hour of need. A lot of contractors have sent Whatsapp video messages to us appreciating the gesture. It’s an overwhelming feeling” said Abhijit Roy, MD and CEO Berger Paints. He also hoped that the government would take measures to restart economic activity through ease in restrictions in areas unaffected by virus.

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