Honda UAE rolls out first made at home Car Ad.


The current pandemic has affected several industries, one of which is the automotive sector. With no scope of stepping out to shoot ads with speeding cars on the tarmac, automotive brands have effectively pulled back or limited their investments in traditional advertising. During a phase where the ads in this sector have gone dry, the need of the hour was something creative which is curated while working from home.

Honda UAE along with Memac Ogilvy Dubai came up with an interesting way to ideate their ad. They were able to conceptualize the ad while sitting at home – they wrote, directed, shot and edited the ad from home.

The ad shows us a speeding Honda Civic, but interestingly it wasn’t on the tarmac road. The catch behind the ad was that they used a full-scale miniature car. They shot the complete ad with camera angles which managed to fool the eye into believing that it is a real sized car in an ad. Towards the end of the ad, when you see the car door being closed using an index finger is when you figure out the true concept. This not only worked as an innovative way to craft an ad during this time of crisis but also strictly adhered to the concept of #StayHome.

In the ad itself, they emphasize on how this might be the first of its kind car ad which is created “entirely from home.” The ad also comes to an end with a statement “Until We Drive Again” and #StayHome, which portrays this as their way to urge people to stay home during this pandemic.

This ad also joins the list of ads which were curated during the period of quarantine and displayed great creative efficiency.

The new Nike ad “You can’t stop us”, Jack Daniel’s “With Love, Jack” and Portugal Tourism’s ad #CantSkipHope are among the other few. This shows us how creative agencies are using this time to think outside the box and mark new areas of creativity to bring out ads for brands.

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