Dettol’s first ‘home made’ ad film is out now!

Antiseptic brand Dettol recently launched an ad film demonstrating how soap keeps germs away. The ad film has been crafted by McCann India. Due to the national lockdown, the ad has been filmed inside the house without people. The McCann team got in touch with directors, who could produce this video from the confines of their homes by shooting it on their mobile phones with little or no equipment at their disposal. And not just that, they had to cast their own family members. It also has relatively better production value than most other communication from the lockdown period. 


As the McCann India team mentions in a press release. The advertisement was shot on mobile phones with minimal use of equipment and cast being family members of the creative team. The post-production of the video too was done by an editor and music composer from their respective homes. The grading was done from Poland.
However, apart from its ‘executed in home’ nature there are two other things about this  video. First, the idea in the ad film is a replication of the viral ‘soap trick’ videos on the internet.


Secondly, the mother (in the ad) suggests that washing hands with ‘any soap‘ does the job. This reminds of recent campaign of Lifebuoy’s.

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