Meaningful & Creative Ads ( March 2020)

It’s been a while, I have left my job of teaching. I used to teach Marketing Management in MBA department. The experience was full of amazing moments.

Although I do miss teaching and interacting with students but, moreover I miss keeping myself updated with the marketing and advertising activities.

Now this quarantine phase has given me some time to relish those memories again. Yesterday I watched many Indian advertisements and I was left amazed as how the advertising scenario has changed drastically.

Today’s blog is dedicated to my yesterday’s exploration. Here I have mentioned my most favourite recent advertisements which I can watch again and again.

Have a look : 


Parachute Advansed : 

Loved the poetic way of expressing love of women for their hair. Just loved it. 

Rating : 4.9/5


Mint ChocOn : 

This ad breaks the stereotype. The girl takes the initiative of doing their first kiss. Although it reminded of the tagline :  ‘Jab Laila ko karna tha impress.. tab majnu ne khaai.. minto fresh” It was opposite here!

Rating : 3.5/5


Aurelia : 

Whattay lovely way of saying ‘Be your own beautiful’. 

Rating : 4.5/5


Ariel : 

This ad focuses on a very minor and an ignored thing.. ‘Equal Sleep’. We have seen a lot of stuff on equality but, that’s the beauty of this Ad.. it talks about sharing the load in a very perfect way because..‘Neend to sabko pyaari hoti hai naa!!

Rating : 4.8/5


Ford :

Isn’t it a cute way to describe Ford’s after sales services? 

Rating : 4/5

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