New Year Resolution For Parents by Storyteller & Corporate Skills Trainer, Pallavi Singh


Although it’s already the end of January but, we do believe in making resolutions anytime, and I hereby present a beautiful write up by the famous storyteller, corporate skill trainer, and the founder of The Story Tree, Pallavi Singh.

Have a look :

Hi! I am Pallavi Singh.

I am a mother of two, who is constantly thinking of how to improve their happiness quotient and nurture them better. This one has stemmed out of my own desire to better this year over the last. What better way to start than a clean new slate and the beginning of a new decade 2020!

I want to share the following possible resolutions which could be considered by parents who want to up their parenting techniques in 2020 :

A) Lead by example : Don’t take out your exhaustion and frustration on your innocent children. Be patient with them and remember you are there role models. The way you behave with them is a behaviour they are likely to incorporate and replicate.

B) Tell stories to your children : No surprises!! Being a storyteller, this is definitely going to be top of the chart suggestion. As I have mentioned before, nothing can be more soothing for little kids than to have their parents telling them a story at bedtime.

Curate good stories, add a bit of voice modulation, lots of love and a couple of cuddles at bedtime and you will have a relaxed child, smiling, secure moving into deep sleep in no time!

C) Stop saying NO for everything : May be all of you have different opinions about this tip, but I have got to say that I find most Indians are predisposed  to say No to their kids one to many times!

D) Food Food Food : God bless Badam Baai, the staff we have had for over 30 years. Thanks to her, my kids are well fed. However, this year, I have resolved to cook more with my kids. I found that cooking together has made us appreciate food so much more.

Infact my son has also started taking a tad bit of interest in cooking, especially when I cook in the open with my kids! If you have never done it, try it!!

D) Less TV and more exercise : I have no TV in my house, I removed it when my daughter was born, and luckily there is a lot of open space, hence my kids play in outdoors. What about you?

E) Skill development : Skill development helps children be more confident in themselves and infant of others. Help your kids figure their interest and work on them. I am also thinking on this part as my daughter wants to learn ballet dancing in a different city and my son wants to learn horse riding in a nearby place. Let’s see how would I make these difficult decisions of skill development.

As I end my write up here… I wish you all Good Luck & Happy Parenting ❤




— Pallavi Singh

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