In conversation with Dr. Renu Arora. Associate Professor & an Entrepreneur. Her balancing skills and hard work will inspire you to work more and more.

Oh Hello People!!

Since childhood, I am madly in love with craft & stationery. I am always in search of good art & stationery products and recently I came to know about this beautiful craft gallery and about it’s sweetheart owner, Dr. Renu Arora.


She is an Associate Professor and the owner of a craft gallery called ‘Craft World‘. Her journey is so inspiring as you’ll be astonished by her management skills.

Here I am presenting an excerpt of my interesting conversation with her.

Have a look :

Hi! Dr. Renu, tell me something about yourself and about Craft World.

Hi! Myself Dr. Renu Arora. I am an Associate Professor in Subodh College, Jaipur. I open my craft gallery at 5 p.m. after coming back to home from college. This store is located at Mahaveer Nagar, Jaipur. We have everything related to craft items like designer scissors, glue for decorations, designer sticks, crafting clay, superhero themed pouches, unicorn themed gift items, notebooks, scrapbooks, painting related materials, gift items, decorative material, stationery products, designer sheets etc. I love to meet people and especially kids thus, I started this store.


How it all started? What were you doing at the time before the opening of store?

I have always taught but, I always wanted to have something on my own too. I wanted something which makes me happier by keeping me around with colourful shades and craft items.


Why ‘Craft World’? 

The idea of starting ‘Craft world’ came to mind when my son was young and I was working. Thus, I used to get worried to acquire those materials which were demanded in his projects, then I thought of opening something which provides all the material related to student’s projects so that parents won’t get bothered. I feel very happy when I see satisfied parents as they find almost every necessary material at one place. ‘Craft-World’ because you can find everything related to crafting and assignments here.


So have you always been fascinated by craft and stationery products?

Definitely! Since school time I am fascinated by stationery products. Even now when I am teaching I still feel like having the best stationery. I was a science student but, I used to put my creative efforts to the projects even though it was not required there.

Which services/projects are provided by ‘Craft World’?

First of all we want kids to do their assignments on their own but, sometimes when parents don’t have time due to their busy schedule then, we provide assignments and we explain students how to present their presentations or projects. We provide projects/materials related to several streams like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Economics, Home science etc.

IMG_20191202_195422Any difficulty you faced in balancing your job and Craft World simultaneously?

I won’t say there were any difficulties but, I would like to call them as ‘challenges’. It took me four years to finally start my business as I was taking care of my son’s studies before he stared going to the coaching centre.

I take lectures at college but, Craft World demands the enterprising qualities although they both are different fields but if you look closely, you will find them interrelated. As stationery and projects are related to education thus, I feel happy in managing both streams.

What keeps you motivated? 

I always crave for perfection and this ‘Perfection’ word motivates me more to walk towards the success, no matter I am doing work, small or big.

What are your other hobbies? Do you get time to pursue them?

I have so many hobbies, meeting new people is one of them. I like to help people, and dancing and singing are my most favourite hobbies.


Your sweetest memory as an Entrepreneur and as an Associate Professor?

Well there are many but if I need to choose the sweetest then I would say… in a reputed college, I was invited as a counsellor and I got the best counsellor award… I can’t tell you how happy I was then and once a kid told me that another kid was praising my craft gallery so much that he decided to visit us.. It was also very sweet moment for me as I was happy to know how word of mouth is working for us.

Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for the readers and students out there?

I would like to say that don’t crave for shortcuts as this won’t help for long term. The more you struggle.. the more success you will achieve… It would take some time but it’s completely okay.. just keep moving towards your goal.


Isn’t she passionate about everything she do?

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Thank you Dr. Renu for this blissful conversation.

& now this is Sonali Agarwal signing off. I shall catch up super soon with my next post..

Till then..

Stay Curious & Stay Focused. 







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