In conversation with Seema Sharda, founder of a fashion studio! This festive season.. Don’t miss her Raw’n’Urban story!!

My search for stylish apparels ends here!!!

Block prints have always fascinated me. Few days back, I was searching for a nice Kurti for me and then, I came to know about Raw’n’Urban. I visited their studio and there I met the founder of the fashion studio ~ Mrs. Seema Sharda


I was quite impressed by her collection and ideas. It made me so curious to know more about her. Thus, I asked few questions about her journey of becoming a fashion & jewellery designer. She enthusiastically talked about her dreams and venture.

& today, I am so excited to present my conversation with her in this beautiful article because she inspired me to chase my dreams.


I hope this excerpt would encourage my readers too.

Have a look :

Sonalify : So Seema tell me something about you and about your venture?

Seema : It’s very difficult to start your venture, specially when you are mother of one but, with the support of my husband Dhanush and family, I started Raw’n’Urban It’s like my baby.

Initially, I started with putting stalls at exhibitions and then, ventured into manufacturing. Recently, I opened my first flagship store in Sodala, Jaipur.

Sonalify : How it all started? Have you ever thought of doing a work like this before?

Seema : No! I never thought of starting my own venture. I have done many jobs like celebrity management, media, indoor and outdoor media, as teacher and principle. Since my childhood, I am very keen of designing my own dresses. I used to go to the tailor to give him designing ideas for my dresses and people used to appreciate my designs. But soon after my father’s demise I went into depression and forgot my talent. I tried hard to come out of this phase and, started my venture. First I started with handmade jewellery and then, eventually came into fashion designing too.


Sonalify : How you came up with this name ‘ Raw’n’Urban?

Seema : The name was actually coined by my husband Dhanush. While searching the name for the venture, my husband suggested that I am a designer, who converts raw material into modern things for urban people, like making jewellery from leather and mirror pieces. That’s how he gave this name ‘Raw ‘n’ Urban.

Sonalify :  What’s that one thing about your work that fascinates you the most?

Seema : I just love playing with blocks. You can see my collection, how I have experimented with blocks and Gotta Patti.

Sonalify : So what are the difficulties you face being an entrepreneur?

Seema : My designing is not season based but, I like to create what people love to buy and wear all year round. My designs are not specific for any cocktail party or any other occasion. These are multipurpose dresses. I don’t follow the trend, I create it.


Sonalify : What keeps you motivated?

Seema : My dream is to be the part of Lakmé fashion week. I am very ambitious and motivated to fulfill this dream. Additionally, my customer’s satisfaction towards my designs keeps me motivated to work harder.

Sonalify : Which skills are required to be a fashion enthusiast?

Seema : I would say that one must have a creative mind to become a fashion enthusiast and should pick ideas from unusual things like beach, flying birds, tree etc. to convert into some fashionable thing.

Sonalify : Your sweetest memory as an owner of this fashion studio?

Seema : I am creating many memories since the day I started this but, sweetest one would be when I was in Mumbai, for Vivah exhibition and many celebrity guests like Padmini Kolhapuri, Prachi Desai and her mother, Alka yagnik visited my stall and bought my products. They really appreciated my designs.


Sonalify : Any fashion advice?

Seema : “Wear according to your comfort rather than trend”. Just wear in which you are comfortable rather than chasing the trend if you are uncomfortable. You must feel confident first under your skin.

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational to all the women out there who want to start their own venture?

Seema : I would say that just fly with your dreams. Don’t put them behind the cage. Do whatever you want to do because you live only once. If you want to start with something small, don’t be afraid or shy, just do it.


Wow!! Isn’t it quite inspiring? Thank you Seema for sharing your positive thoughts.

I wish you good luck for everything. ❤

Raw’n’Urban can be found on these platforms : Facebook & Instagram

Email :

Address : Gs-3, Hari Om Towers, Jamuna Nagar, Sodala, Jaipur

& with this lovely post,

This is Sonali Agarwal signing out.

I shall see you soon with another post.

Till then..

Don’t forget to live your life in style 😉

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