In conversation with Mrs. Riddhima Sehgal, founder of ‘Tvayaa Art’. Her mesmerising journey is an inspiration for all!

Ahoy People,

Here I am, with the long awaited post.

Finally, the wait is over!!

I bring before you my conversation with Mrs. Riddhima Sehgal, the face behind the brand, Tvayaa Art


We all are mesmerised by the charm of art and creativity, but what lies behind is a lot of hard work and consistent belief in oneself and Mrs. Riddhima demonstrates this very well. She is a person full of life, energy and inspiration.

So come, let’s have a look at her story and see how her journey has been as an entrepreneur..

Sonalify : So Ridhima how it all started? Did you ever think of doing a work like this before?

Riddhima : I actually wanted to set up my own venture since quite long. I have been trying since 2011 and when my second child was born in 2015 after that, I started this jewellery business. During that time I was new in Jaipur so, I did some research as to what actually people like then, I came to know that gems and jewellery is something which is a very famous trade of the city thus, I thought of giving it a try. That’s how I picked it as a line and I started trading the jewellery, then, slowly I built my clientele. Thereafter, I started designing my own jewellery, that’s how it all started.


Sonalify : So what’s the history behind this name ‘Tvayaa’

Riddhima : Tvayaa is basically a Sanskrit word and it means ‘for you’ so, my collection of jewellery is for all the beautiful women out there and I wanted to particularly serve women, that’s how the name came.

Sonalify : What are the difficulties you facing being a manufacturer and designer of jewellery? 

Riddhima : Each day, I have to face a new challenge. There is no end to difficulties or challenges. Being an entrepreneur is basically a roller coaster ride and you need to be a multi-tasker. Sometimes you need to be a manager; sometimes an administrator, a customer, a salesman and at times you have to play the role of an employee as well. In short, you need to don many hats. When you are an entrepreneur, you have to nurture your business as your own baby. Initially, you have to do everything from A to Z and then you can hire people. The vast competition in the market is a big challenge though.


Sonalify : What keeps you motivated? 

Riddhima : The thought that I wanted to do something on my own, the thought that I want to establish myself keeps me motivated.

Sonalify : Are you planning to get your business on e-retail platforms?

Riddhima : I am already on a few of them, but it’s an initial stage. I am on eBay, Amazon and on Etsy, but right now I am working on a smaller scale. Soon, I am planning to expand it. I am aware that e-commerce platforms are the future of the market.

Sonalify : Your sweetest memory as an entrepreneur?

Riddhima : When my elder son takes interest in my work and tells me that I want to join jewellery business like you. That’s definitely, one of my sweetest memory.

Sonalify : Last but not the least, any message to those women who want to do something on their own? 

Riddhima : For all the lovely women out there.. I would say that “ Just Take The Step”!! Don’t put a lot of thinking & planning behind your idea. Just jump in the market. Leave behind all the worries about what society would say or how would you manage the funds.

Just keep walking; the path will become clearer as you move forward.


Wow!! I must say.. it was indeed an inspiring conversation with her!!

If you are looking forward to contact with her then, you can ping her on :

Facebook : Riddhima Sehgal

Instagram : Tvayaa Art

WhatsApp : +91-9828155598

and now this is Sonali Agarwal signing off.

I shall catch up with you with my next post.

Till then..

Stay creative & keep that fire alive in your heart. ❤

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