Author Spotlight : James Thibeault

Author Spotlight is designed to give a brief introduction about Authors who have inspired us to write and read more. These Authors have experimented with the genres and, presented something fresh which made us laugh, cry and think.

This month, the author in the spotlight is: James Thibeault

About James Thibeault : 

James Thibeault is an author from Massachusetts who has also been a long time English teacher. With a love of writing, James experimented with plays and scripts, but didn’t find his passion for novels until becoming a teacher. After a few years of teaching, he wanted to write about topics that personally affected his students–issues of loneliness, fear, and rejection.

In 2016, he wrote the novel Deacon’s Folly–a novel focusing on a teenager whose forced to live in a treehouse because the entire town wanted nothing to do with him. While the reviews for the book were mostly positive, James struggled to come up with his second novel. It was only when he experienced some of his students getting harassed and bullied for what they wore did he know what his follow-up would be.

Michael’s Black Dress was published in 2019 and focuses on Michael–a teenager who confesses to his sister that he cross-dresses. He is paranoid and afraid of how people will accept him if he lets the world know his secret. Some of the themes came from actual experiences James saw first hand from his students, as well as his own ridicule for the personal clothing choices he wore. While it wasn’t a dress, James was surprised how people could ridicule him relentlessly for wearing something a simple as suspenders. If he could be chastised for wearing suspenders, he couldn’t fathom that hate one could receive for cross-dressing. He hopes his new novel could open up new perspectives and dialogue about dressing differently and how absurd it is to put artificial labels on individuals.

About his book : Michael’s Black Dress


“Cross-dressing involves dressing as the other gender for entertainment or pleasure. Cross-dressing isn’t necessarily a sign of a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation.”—Mayo Clinic

Seventeen-year-old Michael has a secret: he likes to cross-dress. For years, this Black star of the wrestling team has kept this to himself. When his twin sister Shah walks in on him trying on her clothes, he finally confides to her that he wants to wear dresses in public. Understandably, Michael is terrified how his suburban peers will treat him. No one besides Shah knows the truth—not even Michael’s best friend, Jacob. Shah agrees to keep it a secret, but Michael’s eagerness to express himself in dress becomes stronger each day.

Read my review of the book here
The work of James Thibeault is mesmerizing and, I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

I wish him all the luck and success in life.

& with this post… This is Sonali Agarwal signing out!

I shall catch you up with my next post…

Till then..

Happy Reading & Keep Writing 🙂



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