|Book Review| Michael’s Black Dress By James Thibeault

About the book : Cross-dressing involves dressing as the other gender for entertainment or pleasure. Cross-dressing isn’t necessarily a sign of a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation.”—Mayo Clinic

Seventeen-year-old Michael has a secret: he likes to cross-dress. For years, this Black star of the wrestling team has kept this to himself. When his twin sister Shah walks in on him trying on her clothes, he finally confides to her that he wants to wear dresses in public. Understandably, Michael is terrified how his suburban peers will treat him. No one besides Shah knows the truth—not even Michael’s best friend, Jacob. Shah agrees to keep it a secret, but Michael’s eagerness to express himself in dress becomes stronger each day.

About the Author : James Thibeault is the author of Deacon’s Folly, a coming of age novel. He lives in Massachusetts, where he is employed as a high school teacher.


My Say :  “My names is Michael, and I’m wearing a dress” 

Thank you James for this fresh outlook towards ‘Cross Dressing’.

Michael’s Black Dress by James Thibeault is about Michael, a high school senior boy, who gathers courage to tell his secret that he likes to wear dresses. The author has done a great job in characterisation as the story revolves around Michael, his twin sister Shah, his girlfriend, best friend and, some old friends. I loved each & every bit of the story because this book is more than just the description of a person who has an obsession of wearing dresses. I am so impressed by the story that I would love to see this book getting a break into cinema someday as it has an enormous potential.

In the end I would like to say that Michael’s Black Dress is a hard hitting book which comes with a roller coaster ride of emotions as it shows the effects of bullying. It also makes a successful attempt of explaining how ‘cross dressing’ is different from sexually orientation towards same gender.

Keep writing James! Your book definitely breaks the stereotype with it’s open message. I look forward to reading your next book 🙂

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Happy Reading ❤