|Aarambh 2019| Way to Achieve your Dreams!

‘Aarambh’ is designed to support new students as they begin their journey at college. The aim is to create opportunities and offer experiences that are directly informed by the educational philosophy and practices of the college and through which students will be able to engage their passions, challenge their beliefs and, continue to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

With the new academic session, most colleges are gearing up to welcome the freshers in the most innovative way. The mission is to facilitate a friendly and healthy learning environment for the students to make them comfortable.

To introduce a new approach, the Centre For Design Excellence (CODE) a constituent body of Vivekanand University (VGU) Jaipur has been conducting a 15 day Orientation Program from 15 July 2019 to 1st August 2019. The idea is to come up with unusual and interesting activities to get their fresher’s acquainted with their new college.

Goals and Methods : The primary goal for new students is to make them feel supported and connected to the people and with the resources in the VGU community. Specifically, we aim for the program to:

Promote engagement with the values of our community

Establish and care for students’ basic needs

Provide accurate and relevant information about life at VGU Campus

Explore what it means to “live together well” in a community

Begin difficult and important conversations that arise from living and working together in diverse communities

Offer opportunities for new students to connect with each other and build friendships

Provide students with time to process and reflect, and to share their fears and anxieties in a supportive environment

Lay the groundwork for continued learning, exploration, and social networking through the first-year program

The program aims to provide a platform to the upcoming young design and architecture students, and insight about the courses in architecture and design through various workshops and activities, conducted by well-known designers and Architects from all over India such as Rameshwari Kaul, Prachi God and Vikas Shimpi.  The idea is to provide an interactive platform for students to enhance their talent as well as the experience in various aspects of design profession by conducting workshops, brain storming sessions, quiz exhibition and theatre and dance workshops.

By setting up most unique orientation program, CODE has lined up a new standard of learning required for advance education. Activities and Workshops like doodling and caricature design are being conducted for engaging the minds of budding architects and designers. 

“With professional learning approach, workshops for personal betterment of the students like hostel food hacks, rock climbing, photography, theatre and dance workshops are getting a good response” said Shweta Choudhary, the faculty, VGU. She also mentioned that “the program is also facilitating students to go on educational industrial tours and heritage works to explore the beautiful city of Jaipur which is now a UNESCO World Heritage City” 


Major Highlights of the event includes :

Cultural Program – Saraswati Vandana

REDFM Event by RJ Arjun

Ramp Walk

Walk of Wisdom

Gully Cricket in IPL Format at Common area near Tea Post

Mehram Festival

Talent Show Practice at the Auditorium

Theater Workshop

5 -a -Side Football

Leadership Session

Modelling and Acting workshop

Treasure Hunt

Lifestyle Workshop

Concert Night with 9xm Artist

In the world of Modern education, the place of innovation and creativity involved in such welcome program will set a role model for other institutions for future.