Interview With Monique Roy

Few books enter your soul and manage to shake and stir it! Those books remain with you, no matter what!

Historical Fiction books written by Monique Roy have been such books for me this year. I am dazzled by them & will remain so for a long time to come!!

I was excited to get a chance to be able to interview Monique!!

…& here it is!!

The reviews of the books are already live on  Please do have a look at them.. They are beyond super!

Monique Roy


What inspired you to write historical fiction novels? What dragged you towards that era? 

Historical fiction lets you escape to another time and place, and I like to explore the past so that we can potentially better understand the future. World War II is a fascinating time and era, and we can learn so much about the human experience, the past, and the future from this significant time in history.

When and how did you start telling these stories?

 I was a journalism major at university, so I was interested in writing back then. My parents also gave me a journal book when I was a child and I wrote little stories in it.

I loved the research  you put in writing your books. What difficulties you faced during your research? 

Finding interesting and valid historical info on the period. I always want to add something new about the WWII era, so ensuring the historical data is accurate and compelling. Research entails lots of reading and sometimes long hours.


Your books move between multiple nations and times. How easy or difficult was it to manage the flow for you?

 I found switching between the time periods of modern times and in the past to be quite easy. I helped me to focus on a new element of the story and switch gears. It was fun to focus on a different character and their situation.

How being from a Jewish background affect you and your writing? 

The Holocaust era impacted my grandparents and family. As a Jew, I feel compelled to always remember what happened and to educate the world about the war and the Holocaust.

What are you currently reading?  The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Any tips for aspiring writers? 

Aspiring writers should read a lot and practice writing…a lot! Approach subjects with curiosity and wide-eyed to explore it. Work on writing skills via participating in online courses, reading about how to improve your writing skills, and working on overall writing practice.

Looking for more tips? Have a look at this post.

You can buy her books here : 

A Savage Kultur

Across Great Divides

Once Upon A Time In Venice

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Monique Roy for this interview.  It was amazing knowing you ❤

Thanks a lot for sharing your learnings and for your precious time!

& With this beautiful interview, This is Sonali Agarwal signing out!!

I shall catch you up soon with my next post

Till Then…

Stay Curious and Keep Learning !!



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