|Book Review| Once Upon A Time In Venice By Monique Roy

About the book :

An intriguing, middle-grade chapter book that takes young readers, ages 9-12, on a physical and emotional journey to Venice, Italy.

This enchanting story revolves around the relationship between Samuelle, a young boy, and his grandfather Leo. Leo has learned that he suffers from a terminal illness, and in his wistful skimming of artifacts from the past, he uncovers treasured mementos of his earliest years growing up in the romantic city of Venice. Sharing them with Samuelle, he infects the boy with an infatuation for the city, one they will both share when Leo decides to accept an invitation to participate in the annual Regatta, a rowing festival that his own great-grandfather had competed in with great success. The two embark on their journey without Samuelle knowing about Leo’s illness, but Leo makes a promise to himself that it is in Venice, after he has passed on his knowledge and fondness for the city to his grandson, that he will reveal the truth about his fate. Venice becomes a special place in their hearts forever.

About the Author : Monique Roy was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1975, and grew up in Dallas, Texas, which is still her home. She has always had a passion for writing, even as a child. Monique studied journalism at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and has been published by some local newspapers and magazines. She loves to travel and has visited Venice, Italy. In fact, it is one of her favorite places on Earth. Once Upon a Time in Venice is Monique’s first book and she looks forward to writing many more. She is also the author of historical fiction novel, Across Great Divides. monique-roy.com

My Say : I read the ebook version. You can listen to the Audio version too. The narration is done by Kevin E. Green.

This is a short tale. The Author Monique Roy has done a commendable job in showing various emotions. This beautiful book describes the impact of love among the family & community to young readers. I was transported to the romantic city of Venice while reading this book. From Food to Architecture… Everything related to Venice is beautifully described by the Author.

Young readers will be taken on the emotional yet happy journey of Grandpa Leo and his grandson Samuelle. I really enjoyed this charming tale of a grandfather’s remembrance of his past and sharing it with his young grandson. I felt like I was there with them.

Now in the end.. keeping my review short as I want you to read this story… I would like to recommend this book to all the young readers (ages 9-12). You will definitely fall in love with the beauty of Venice shown through Monique’s eyes.

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Happy Reading ❤