|Book Review| The Red Rover: Origins By C.E. Whitaker III

“In the distant future, seven teenage explorers bonded together by an unspeakable loss, embark on an epic journey of discovery, wonderment, and survival throughout our infinite universe, which will subsequently unlock the full potential of their minds, bodies, and souls. Humanity has always possessed a fascination with the unknown. More specifically the universe”



Title: The Red Rover: Origins

Author: C.E. Whitaker III

Page Count: 286 pages

Genre: Sci-Fi

About the book: In the case of thirteen-year-old, ORION MOORE, it literally was all he had ever known. Since birth, Orion has lived amongst a group of over five hundred Earthlings on the Rover Base Alpha, a gigantic space-station that left the Earth decades’ prior in search of a new home. In a matter of weeks, the Base’s leadership put a plan into action that would send their Rover teams to foreign galaxies in hopes of securing a planet suitable for colonization.

At the same time, Orion and his fellow classmates were expected to begin their exploration training, an intense military program designed to take them from neophytes to cadets. Sent away on the Red Rover, it was during this training exercise that these young people would learn the survival skills needed to cope with the harsh conditions that many of the uncharted worlds in the galaxy already possessed.

Unbeknownst to Orion and his friends, their lives were about to be irrevocably changed forever, forcing them to band together in an epic adventure for survival. For them, this was only the beginning. Some say that destiny cannot exist without a journey… and for the members of the Red Rover, they’re about to see exactly how prophetic that statement really was.

My Say : After Game of Thrones, I was searching for some more action-packed thrillers… Luckily!! I came across this book called The Red Rover Origins. It is written by C.E. Whitaker III.

I found this book quite interesting as it has all the elements which make a book quite special and, the readers feel attached to it. With a fast-paced story, strong characterization and a tight plot, the writer knows the art of writing a book which flows like a series. The initial chapters developed my attention and, it remained the same till the end.

It gets really difficult when you have so many characters in a book but, Whitaker has thrown the light on each and every character quite well. Orion, Rio, Jovan, Callista, Andrew and, Gordie – all have different personalities!! Their struggle, their bond, their hurt, their ambitions… Kudos to the writer for making the connections between them and yet, keeping their individuality alive.


Although I loved all the characters but, ‘Gordie Kishore’ grabbed my attention. Maybe because ‘Kishore’ is an Indian name too but, Gordie overall was a funny character. He tried to make many failed puns and sounded quite immature but still, he was lovable. The way the book ends, it leaves the need for a sequel and I look forward to coming across the excitement again.

In the end, I would like to recommend this book to all sci-fi lovers. It’s a delight for you.

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& yes!! Keep Writing Whitaker! I’ll be waiting for your next book in the series.

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