​In conversation with the IT Professional & Movie Reviewer, Prateek R Dubey. He talks about balancing his ​work life and love for BoxOffice_Today & PRDMovieReviews!

“If there is a will then, you will,” says Prateek R Dubey who is working as an IT professional and on every weekend he does movie reviews.

I was so fascinated the way he followed his passion for movies and balancing job, and hence I decided to take his interview for my blog.

He lives in Pune so we had a telephonic conversation.



Have a look at the excerpts of our chat :

Sonalify : So Prateek tell me something about you and about your passion for movies?

Prateek : It all started when I was 3 years old as I used to watch movies with my mother who was a movie buff. My passion for movies has come from her. I used to sit with her and watch movies. I used to sing and dance on those bollywood numbers. During school days, I bunked classes to watch movies and gradually started taking more interest.

As time passed… I started watching Hollywood movies too and, started analyzing the difference between good movies and bad movies. I used to watch closely as to know about the factors behind the success and failure of the movie like direction, screenplay, acting or content. And then, one fine day I thought of sharing my views with public. In 2009, I made an account on twitter but then, I just logged out. For two years.. I never logged in again and forgot about it.

In 2011, I wrote a review of the movie called ‘Badmaash Company’ and to my surprise.. the post received 5-6 Retweets. It boosted my confidence and I decided to review every movie which I watched.

Since 2012, I am regularly writing reviews based on the performances, direction, storyline and based on other tiny details. Initially, I was writing on a blog but, I was not getting enough of time and traffic thus, I had to limit myself on twitter. Recently I have collaborated with Box Office_Today and I look forward to a good experience.


Sonalify : Do you remember the first ever movie you watched in cinema hall?

Prateek : Yes! I watched Anari, ft. Karishma Kapoor & Venkatesh with my mom. I still remember how much I loved that movie.

Sonalify : How #PRDMovieReviews is different from other movie review portals? 

Prateek : I watch movies from the perspective of the Aam Janta. I never compare two genres and give my ratings. A movie brings out many emotions and the rating should be based on it. Recently a movie ‘RAW’ released and a well-renowned critic gave this movie 1.5 stars but when you go to the theatre and see the audience reaction, then you won’t agree with the critic. So I watch and observe everything and that makes PRD movie reviews different.

Sonalify : Have you ever felt any difficulty in managing your work and passion on time?

Prateek : Initially yes.. because I was not that enthusiastic and I didn’t get a good amount of time to watch a movie and review it due to work load. At times I watched the movie but didn’t get time to review it and vice- versa. It can happen to any field as the following passion requires a lot of time and efforts but if have the will then, you will.


Sonalify : Have you ever got trolled for doing the brutally honest review of any huge star’s movie?

Prateek : Yes, for South Superstars Vijay’s Pulli movie review. I had to deactivate my account for a day or two! I was trending all over in Chennai.

Sonalify : Any sweetest moment of being a movie reviewer?

Prateek : When I see that few people are actually following my reviews and making their decisions. I really love it because that’s what sweet moments are!

Sonalify : Are you ready to play a rapid-fire with me?

Prateek : Sure!

Turning on the rapid-fire lights then 😛 

Bollywood or Hollywood? :  Bollywood of course

Which was the first movie you reviewed? BadmashCompany

Ever got biased for favorite star’s movie?

Yes! For the movie Shaandar because it had Shahid Kapoor 😛 Won’t repeat the mistake though 😛

Your favorite actor and actress :

Actors : There are many but, I like Amitabh Bachchan & Irrfan Khan the most.

Actresses: Tabu, Alia, Kangana

Rate these actresses according to their acting abilities:: Alia, Deepika, Priyanka, Katrina, Sonam and Anushka

Priyanka, Alia, Anushka, Deepika, Sonam, Katrina

Rate these actors on their acting abilities: Salman, Shahrukh, Ajay, Saif, Ranbir, Ranveer, Arjun

SRK, Ranbir, Ajay, Ranveer, Saif, Salman, Arjun

Most underrated actor according to you : Shahid Kapoor & Vikrant Massy

Your favorite among these: Nawazzudin, Irrfan, Ayushmaan, Vicky, Rajkumar : Irrfan


Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational to those people who want to follow their passion by doing their 9 to 5 jobs?

Prateek : Prioritazation! If you want then, you will. Keep putting extra efforts towards your passion. Time management plays an important role and, you just have to love your own interest and feel happy about about what you do.

Thank you, Prateek for taking time out. 

You can follow him on twitter : #PRDMovieReviews & Boxoffice_Today

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  1. Thanks Sonali! It was pleasure having a wonderful conversation with you! I wish to collaborate with you on something someday..till then keep doing what you are doing coz you are doing it great! 🙂


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