Plan your royal trip to India with Indijourneys who provide exclusive handpicked & affordable packages.

“The treasures found in travel, the chance rewards of travel which make it worth while, cannot be accounted beforehand.”

– H.M. Tomlinson (1873 – 1958), British novelist.

Handcrafted travel is the latest offering from the house of Indijourneys that caters the travel needs of tourists. So if you wish to travel to India according to your choices then, Indijourneys has tailor-made packages for you.


The founder of Indijourneys, Mr. Arpit Gupta says, we provide best handcrafted and customised packages to travellers who are planning their trip to India. Luxury trips, beaches, wild life safari, sports (Golf/ Polo/ Football) tours, Rajasthan trips, women only travel( solo/group), senior citizen’s special trips, medical trips etc., are our specialities.

Making your trip to India most memorable!

Yes! Indijourneys will put their whole efforts to make your trip to India a memorable one. Since inception, Indijourneys is making the best itinerary for foreign travellers. They specialize in curating luxury trips, which includes royal stays, sports, safari and dine outs.



Why You Should Choose Indijourneys? 

Indijourneys will reduce the stress of rushing accroding to the itinerary provided by other travel agencies. It makes you free from the hassles of self-booking, extra time in research, covering all the places in a fixed time, fixing a hectic schedule etc. You can make substantial savings on your trip. There will be a personal assistance as there is no online portal.

As you can connect over call anytime, this way you will be able to achieve more transparency and control, while saving time, effort and money.



All this is just a click away! Enroll with Indijourneys and get ready to make your travel beautiful.

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