In conversation with Jaipur’s admired & eminent life coach & tarot reader, Jasvin Soin. She talks about increasing social media depression & the ​importance of setting a ‘Digital Time’!

The increasing adaptation of social media platforms has created an urge to present ourselves in a perfect way. Somehow a lot of people are suffering from ‘FOMO’ – ‘Fear of missing out’, and it’s a sad thing as we all are looking for validation on the internet. This ‘dreamy’ life is giving us unwanted desires, expectations, and comparisons. We want to live a ‘picture perfect’ life, for the sake of internet!!

What have we become? The internet slaves?

These days, most of us are ruled by the trends and trolls of internet. I discussed this serious issue with Jaipur’s most loved life coach and tarot reader, Jasvin Soin . She mentions that, the silent depression is occurring through the usage of social media. This depression is affecting the people of all generations but, mostly it’s aggressively increasing in the age group of 11-21.


Jasvin Soin

From posting fancy food pics on Instagram, to changing relationship status on Facebook and checking the last seen status of your partner etc, it is unintentionally creating a lot of anxiety, mental instability and desires, in all groups. People are comparing their lives with other’s fancy lives which is hurting their self-esteem to the core.

She adds, my heart sinks when I see people who are badly ruined by social media attractions. This ‘Filter wali life has become everyone’s favorite cosmetic and, they just want to use it all the time because it is making them look better. Kids are pretending to be cool on social media. Just for the sake of showing off among their peer groups, they are posting fake photos with fake check-ins, boasting about their relationships, etc. They are spending enormous money on fancy clothes and lounges to make their Instagram drool worthy.

I am not against social media as it has it’s own benefits like tracking, networking, promoting, staying in touch with friends but, excessive usage takes a toll on your mental health and thus, it becomes harmful.



Yes! You can control your addiction and save yourself from becoming its slave.


Have a look :

  • Set a ‘Digital Time’: Remember when you used to set time for studies. Then, why not for social media? You just have to be a little strict with yourself. You should make yourself understand that if you don’t check your timeline for a few hours, that won’t affect or change too much.


  • Avoid checking your mobile before sleeping and after waking up: It is an important practice to keep you away from anxiety and panic attacks. You can start with 15 minutes to half an hour gap. Keep your phone far away from your bed. Initially, it’s gonna seem tough but, it will become your habit eventually.


  • Chant OM : The word ‘OM’ has an enormous power to bring your thoughts in harmony. Every day you should chant the mantra ‘OM’ for a few minutes.  This will keep you away from the negativity and will make you feel contented.


  • No mobile for kids: School going kids are unable to focus on their studies because of the usage of social media 24×7. Some of them are keeping mobiles in schools and hiding them from teachers. It’s making fascination with other students and they start fighting with their parents but, I would say that parents should be very strict with their kids. They should not give/ gift them mobile phones. It’s good to be ‘Old School’ when your kids are very young. 


  • Parental Control: Another important practice done by parents must be security check and parental control of their kid’s mobile phones. You can sit with your kids while they are checking their Instagram or Facebook. Although it’s gonna sound crazy, you should know the passwords of their social media accounts. When the kids are in their teens they tend to get attracted towards bad influences, thus keeping a check on their social media is equally important.


  • ‘Say Namaste to Yoga’: Most of our diseases are connected to our minds. We are making a way for the diseases by making our minds affected through the impact of social media. Getting Yoga in your routine will help your mind and body in rhythm. Now it’s a globally accepted practice. Then, why can’t we follow it?


  • Live the moment: And.. this is what we all should do, not to be controlled by social media. LIVE THE MOMENT!! Yes!! Why not?? Just make the best of your memories by living the moments. Don’t be in a rush to post everything you see or feel on social media. Capture and store the beauty in your mind, rather than showing them to the world. Minimize the urge of posting constantly on social media. 


Thank you Jasvin Soin for these useful tips ❤ 

You can contact Jasvin for counseling & Tarot at : +91-9314875393








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