In conversation with Mr. Arpit Gupta, founder of Indijourneys. He talks about his travel agency & describes the brighter side of being an entrepreneur .

Travel can be the best way to enhance your understating of the world. The most amazing part of travelling is ‘discovery’. A trip can help you learn about the world and yourself. As the fascination towards ‘Travelling’ is increasing, it brings the need of travel agencies too.

Few days back, I was searching for some trip planners, who are offering diverse services and packages. I came to know about Indijourneys through social media platforms and, was so impressed by their ideas that I decided to meet the founder, Arpit Gupta.

Arpit left his job to create a niche in providing luxurious services to the travellers. I was astonished by his enthusiasm for Indijourneys. He discussed about his passion for travelling, ambitions and the advantages of being an entrepreneur.


Here I am presenting the excerpts of conversation:

Sonalify : How it all started? 

Arpit : In 2010, I completed post graduation and, after around 10 months, I got a job in a travel company. In the span of two and half years of service, I realised that my own venture would be economically more fruitful than my current payouts. When this thought came to my mind, I started working on expanding my network and, that’s how Indijourneys was born.

Sonalify : What’s the history behind this name ‘Indijourneys’?

Arpit : Earlier I planned to work under different domain but, it did not work out. I always wanted my domain to be connected with ‘India and it’s Indus valley civilisation’. That’s how the word ‘Indi’ came up and, amazing memories related to our ‘Journeys’, coined the word ‘Indijourneys’.

indi journeys logo.jpg

Sonalify : How Indijourneys is different from other travel agencies? 

Arpit : We have specialisation in providing luxury trips. We provide best handcrafted and customised packages to travellers who are planning their trip to India. Beaches, wild life safari, sports (Golf/ Polo/ Football) tours, royal trips of Rajasthan, women only travel( solo/group), senior citizen’s special trips, medical trips etc. are our specialities.

Sonalify : Your sweetest memory? 

Arpit : Client’s happiness and satisfaction brings the most sweet memories always.


Sonalify : What are the difficulties you face being a part of this industry?

Arpit : The biggest challenge comes out from the online portals because they get personal discounts on the hotel prices and they keep a good margin before charging from customers. Still they show loses in their books and get funded by foreign investors. I consider these practices quite unethical.

Some agencies are making fool of people by attracting them with cheap packages and a hectic itinerary. Customers get influenced by them and they find my packages a bit on a higher side. It gets really tough to make them understand. But then, there are some good clients, who trust on me and my commitments. I guess, this is the story of every field, somehow.

Sonalify : Would you like to say something motivational to all those who want to do something on their own? 

Arpit : Business is the key to success but, staying honest plays the major role in sustaining market. Never lie to yourself. Fair dealing and transparency is very important.


& last but not the least, a Rapid Fire. Arpit gave the answers quite rapidly :

Your favourite destination : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

Your biggest strength  : My emotions

Your biggest weakness : My emotions

Jaipur ki kachori or yahaan ka mausum : ‘Kachori’ Anyday Anytime…!! 

Hollywood or Bollywood : Hollywood

Are you planning to bring your venture online : Nope!!

Freelancing or business : Business 

Your favourite football team : Manchester United !!!!

Follow Indijourneys on Facebook and Instagram

Call/ WhatsApp : 09929770100

& I must say it was quite a lovely chat. Thank you so much Arpit for taking some time out for my blog post from your busy schedule.

I wish to meet you soon again 🙂


This is Sonali Agarwal signing out!! I shall catch you up with my next post..

Till then..

Stay Happy and Follow your inner voice ❤

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