In conversation with a beauty expert & founder of ‘Navya’, Mrs. Kanchan Manuja, who is giving tips for taking care of your skin during Holi.

The festival of colours is just around the corner & we all are excited to celebrate with complete joy & lots of colours. Even if you try hard, still you cannot hide because ‘Bura naa mano holi hai’ won’t let you escape.

Most of us are often worried as colours used during Holi can damage the skin due to the chemicals but, this should not stop you from enjoying the festival.



I had the privilege to talk with Mrs. Kanchan Manuja who is a beauty expert. She is really good at her work and have been giving tips for taking care of skin and hair.

Mrs. Kanchan Manuja


Let’s know about her : 

Sonalify : Tell me about yourself and how it all started? 

Kanchan : Since 2010, I’m working in this field. In the initial days, I was working at different beauty parlours and salons but then, I decided to open my own place. I’m a mother of two kids. With my husband and mother in law’s support, I have started this as I always wanted to do something in the beauty industry. I have attended workshops and have taken several certifications. My specialisation is in hairstyling and facials.

Sonalify : Your sweetest moment? 

Kanchan : When a woman is doing something on her own, she gets a lot of importance from home and other people. My network has enhanced me and thus, when people recognise me through my work.. those memories are adding up to my sweetest moments.

Picture Credits : Hello Magazine

Sonalify : Have you faced any difficulties being a part of this profession? 

Kanchan : Only one and that is.. when you are working in this field.. people will see you as an illiterate or a person of less abilities. They feel like it’s a kind of a cheap job and doesn’t require any knowledge but, I disagree as it’s all about passion.

Sonalify : Any tips for daily care? 

Kanchan : For daily care.. CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising) is very important. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your skin. People think that sunscreen is useful for protecting from sun rays but, to your surprise, the electronic lights are also harmful for skin thus, people can use sunscreen on daily basis. One should eat fruits rather than drinking juice because fruits contain fiber which is really good for skin.

For hair, always wash your hair with a shampoo of a good brand and it should be according to the type of your hair. Also, after shampoo, don’t forget to apply a hair mask/ conditioner or serum.
Image Credits : getty images stock

Sonalify : Last but not the least, as we know that holi is here and would you like to give some tips to protect skin and hair from the damage due to colours. 

Kanchan : Definitely! As you can use organic colours but, there is no guarantee that the people with whom you are playing holi are doing the same. Precaution is always better than cure and after following the below, you can guard your skin from the damages :

  • Do a really good massage of your hair with coconut oil from roots to end before going out to play holi.
  • Apply a good sunscreen because you will be playing holi out in the sun.
  • Massage your nails with olive oil as the colours get stuck at the corners. 
  • Don’t forget to massage your ears, lips and all the exposed areas of the body with oil or vaseline.
Image Credits : pixabay
  • After playing holi, don’t scrub your body roughly to get rid of the colours because it will damage your skin quite badly, so be gentle to your skin. 
  • The colour won’t penetrate the scalp due to oil massage thus, you can just wash them with shampoo and then, you can use a hair mask.
  • You can apply a pack of natural ingredients like curd mixed with glycerin, multani mitti or just apply a soothing gel like aloe vera etc on your whole body and then, wash it off.  

You can contact Kanchan at : 9950667389


& with this post,

I wish you all a very happy holi and I shall see you with the next post…

Till then..

Stay beautiful and have a safe holi ❤ 





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