“Our father has always encouraged us to do something of our own.” In conversation with Radhika and Ritika, founders of ‘Samrey Treasures’.

‘Homepreneurs’ is the new coolest thing in our society. Now people have started realising the value of work done by homemakers for their own growth. Gone are the days when freelancing was considered as a part time thing. With the continuous growth of e-commerce business, many people have got the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

Today’s post is about Jaipur’s uber cool sister duo who have started ‘Samrey Treasures’ where they make and sell very cute handmade concrete pots.

Radhika Sharma has worked as a Visual Merchandiser for 10 years at a renowned fashion store. She recently left the job and initiated the idea of concrete handmade pots.

Ritika Mahajan is an interior designer by profession and she uses her home decor skills in designing the products.

As I came to know about them via Instagram, I contacted them for this interview.

I’m so grateful to Radhika & Ritika for giving their valueable time. ❤

So!!! Here I’m presenting the excerpt of my conversation with them!! I was amazed by their multitasking skills as they handle their respective household chores and family. It indeed, is definitely a tough task. I seriously loved talking with these two amazing souls and, yeah I also found out how crazy it gets when you take an interview of two sisters 😛

Sonalify : How it all started?  

Radhika : Before starting ‘Samrey Treasures’, we were into jewellery business. We were sourcing jewellery from manufacturers and selling them to the customers but, after doing around 9-10 exhibitions, we were not getting good response.

Ritika : We just wanted to do something on our own. So one fine day Radhika called me and told me about handmade concrete products. She did a good research on handmade products and websites. As we talked more about this, we got really interested as it included making and selling… and everything on our own. I gave a big thought to this idea and then, I researched a lot about concrete products.

Radhika : When Ritika seemed interested in this idea, we met our father on the very next day. Our father always inspires us to do something of our own. He is our biggest strength and he says, “no matter what.. never lose your confidence. Have patience and trust in yourself and, whatever you are doing”. We told him about this and he said, if you wish to stop that jewellery thing you can. And go for it. I am with you.  After his approval and support, we started working on this. Inspite of spending a penny, first we gathered all the scrap material kept in our houses.

One with the strongest support pillar.. Their father ❤

Ritika : We collected water bottles and bowls which worked as moulds for our products. We made a candle stand with a small packet of concrete which we got from the market. To our surprise.. it came up very nicely with little flaws. It boosted our confidence and we started working on overcoming our flaws.

Radhika : We are still facing many difficulties but we hope that someday we gonna make it big because we stay in Jaipur and I haven’t seen any manufacturer or seller doing business in concrete products. By this we can create our monopoly in the current market. People are just buying the pots and then, they paint them before selling.



Sonalify : What’s the history behind this name ‘Samrey Treasures’? 

Ritika :  It is named after our kids : ‘Samayra and Reyansh’

Radhika: We have started this for our kids. I hope someday this venture grows on a larger scale and our kids continue our venture.

Sonalify : Please share the details of the products manufactured and sold by you? 

Radhika : Right now we have started with candle holders, pots which can be used with real or artificial plants.. you can use them indoors and outdoors. These pots can also be used as a pen stand etc.


Sonalify : What are the difficulties you are facing being the maker of concrete products?

Ritika : First of all..we didn’t have any knowledge about cement and it’s products thus, we are facing problems daily. Everyday brings a new challenge and a new learning as we keep making new product. The best part is that we are working on those difficulties and also, rectifying them so that next time we don’t face the same difficulty.

Sonalify : As homepreneurers, what special arrangements at home did you do to accommodate your business necessities? 

Radhika : As we mentioned earlier, we largely collected scrap material. Right now we are not making products in bulk as we are waiting for the market’s response. For making, colouring, decorating products we have turned Ritika’s office into our workshop where all the activities are done.


Sonalify : What’s that one moment which boosted up your confidence? 

Ritika : We received really good appreciation from the last exhibition. Although we couldn’t sell more of our products but the kind of response and feedback we got was really good and, it boosted up our confidence. People were actually liking our products. They found our products different and unique.

Radhika : I shared our product’s pictures with my friends and, they told me that products have got really good finishing. As one of our friends mentioned that she did try to make such products but she couldn’t. We are trying to put creative moulds, colours and a great finishing touch to our products.


Sonalify : Have you ever felt doubtful about your business? 

Ritika : From the same exhibition some visitors told us, ‘ what’s unique in your products?’ ‘you have just made pots and coloured them”!!.

Radhika : Sometimes we get negative comments but, we are making sure that we won’t get demotivated and we are going to continue.. no matter what!! Our father won’t let us give up. He is our big time influencer.

Sonalify : So are you planning to bring your business on e-retail platforms? 

Ritika : Yes.. we are planning for Etsy. It’s a platform where you can show your handmade products.


Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for the people out there who want to work on their own? 

Ritika : Radhika used to be the visual merchandiser and I am an interior designer. We handle our homes and we have kids. So we are managing both our professional as well as personal lives together. If we can do this then, anyone can.

Radhika : Yes just keep doing what you do and never lose hope. It’s okay to feel demotivated but don’t get bothered. Have faith in you and in God. Everything will fall into place at the right time. Just have patience.


Follow Samrey Treasures on Instagram

☎ WhatsApp for Orders/ Queries – 9602538072

& with this blog post.. This is Sonali Agarwal signing off.

I shall meet you soon with my next post.

Till then..

Keep Dreaming & Have Faith ❤







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