A story of a passionate housewife, who never gave up on her dreams.

Meet Mrs. Manju Singh, now a restauranteur,

who shared her inspirational journey of following her dreams and breaking the stereotype.

Mrs. Manju Singh

Have a look:

Sonalify : So Manju, tell me something about you & the idea of opening this restaurant. 

Manju : Myself Manju Singh. I have done graduation in Arts. I belong to a small village. After my early marriage, I got busy with my family and child.

I’m a workaholic person and I don’t like to stay Idle. I think one should always stay engaged, which is always better than doing nothing. I’m a homemaker & a mother but, I had a zeal to do something on my own. As I had to handle my family too thus, I thought of starting a business where I can make things look easy.

Mrs. Manju Singh with her son

Sonalify : What is the history behind Cafe V69? Why this funky name? 

Manju : I wanted to keep the cafe name starting with the letter V, as per astrologer’s suggestion. And then, My kid’s lucky number is 6 and my lucky number is 9. That’s how I kept the name ‘V69’.

Sonalify : Have you ever thought of becoming a Restauranteur?

Manju : No. I never thought of this. But yes, I wanted to do something on my own, That’s why I never left trying. I have always loved to cook and I am a big foodie. That’s how, one day this idea came up of opening a restaurant.


Sonalify : What are the difficulties you faced as a restauranteur?

Manju : It depends on how good your team is. Yes, I faced difficulty in getting a good staff, I had to change them, whenever I didn’t find punctuality, discipline and cleanliness in the kitchen. Thus, I faced a lot of difficulties initially.

I feel when you decide to do something on your own then, nothing can stop you ever. If you keep trying, then you can make your present better from the past and the future better than your present.

Sonalify : What keeps you motivated?

Manju : My husband’s constant support keeps me motivated always.

Mrs. Manju Singh with her husband

Sonalify : What skills are required to be a restauranteur?

Manju : First and foremost thing is staff and hygiene. Kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. In simple terms, we serve love not just food.

Sonalify : Any sweetest memory of yours being a restauranteur? 

Manju : Since the day of opening the restaurant, I kept meeting new people and I started exploring new things. I feel really good about the progress of my restaurant.

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for the women out there who want to do something on their own? 

Manju : I would like to say, keep working towards your passion. Always remember,’ Koshish karne wall ki kabhi haar nahi hoti’.

Me a JWith Mrs. Manju Singh ❤

Wow!! I must say it was indeed an unforgettable conversations with visionary, Mrs. Manju Singh.

I wish all the best for future endeavours.

And with this ah-mazing post, this is Sonali Agarwal signing out.

I shall catch you up soon with my next post. Till then…..

Dream Big & Smile More ❤

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