Jaipur’s top food bloggers talk about their favourite places to eat and hang out!

Blogging and all is fine but, how about knowing the favourite dishes and places of Jaipur’s top food bloggers? 

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Today’s post is all about the real Joeys of Jaipur, who are constantly working hard to maintain their food blogs and standing strong in the volatile market of blogging in Jaipur. In this post, they have shared about their favourite places and dishes of Jaipur.

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The Foodie Devi : Jaipur’s foodie devi is Dr. Radhika Agarwal. A dentist by education and a full time blogger by profession. Her heart is like ‘Doordarshan’ but, she has got the attitude of ‘MTV’. A stalker by choice, she will get her research done, even before you come to know about any new place in the city.  She has been blogging since the last two and a half years, and has got the opportunity to try and taste many different food items, but two of her all time favourite dishes to eat are ‘Pizza and Cheesecake’.



She says, “ Until a few weeks back, there was only one place in the city which was my favourite for satisfying pizza cravings – Zolocrust (Clarks Amer). Their Al Caprino pizza has been my favourite since 2-3 years. The way their goat cheese melts in your mouth with every bite of that crisp thin crust base; Delicious! But now, it’s safe to say that many places have started serving amazing pizzas. My recent favourite is authentic Neapolitan pizzas from the new café of Curious Life Coffee Roasters and I am yet to try the pizzas from Café Quaint.”

Coming to her sweeter side of the palate, she loves having cheesecake at Anokhi Cafe and Jaipur Modern Kitchen. Apart from these places, she is a regular at Tapri, 25 Degree East, etc.”

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Bhukkad Baniya : This guy is as crazy as his profile name. I’m a little fan of his work and words. Shubham Agarwal‘s Instagram profile is like a delicious recipe with a dash of Sufiness and a pinch of JK Rowling. I must say, he is a hard core bhukkad and his business mind shows his Baniyagiri.  



He is an explorer of food and places. He says, “ I love Golgappe at Kishanpole Bazaar, Makkhan from Chaura Rasta, Indian Coffee House at Jawahar Kala Kendra and M.I. Road, Laali Da Dhaaba at Adarsh Nagar, Masala Chowk, Tapri and Steam, Rambagh”.

He loves to have French Toast at Indian Coffee House and Espresso Tonic at Curious Life Coffee Roasters.

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Akshya Digital Diaries : Akshya Agarwal is an Entrepreneur and a Food blogger, whom you will find always smiling and talking in her sweet voice. She would ask you about, how did your day go by and suggest you what to eat and at which place.

When asked for personal choices, she mentioned, “I like coffee over anything, whenever I feel like meeting any of my friend, I prefer to going to NBC( Nothing Before Coffee). It’s my all time favourite hangout spot because I’m always in rush and I don’t have much time to sit for hours & talk. I get my Brownie Shake or Hazelnut Frappe there. The thing is I do not have to be sophisticated about going to some fancy cafe or any place. It just takes me 5 mins to make up my mind without wasting the time to get ready.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-06 at 11.44.21 AM

Another thing which makes me Go Gaga is – French Fries. I am crazy for Fries, so whenever I go to C-scheme area, I make sure that I have Pizza Fries there and Masala Fries at Bubble Rush. Blueberry Cheesecake from 24/7, The Lalit is among the best ones in Jaipur. If I prefer to go out for Family dinner, Fort is one of my personal favourites where I dont forget to order “Cheese angora “. It’s a dish made of cheese balls stuffed with raisins & almonds which is simmered in white creamy gravy.”

Besides food blogging, Akshya has a venture called ‘Acasa Desain’ & she has started making Vlogs too.

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Dine With AM : A businessman by profession, Anil Meghnani is following his heart by running a food blog. Most of the time, he is quiet and at other times, he is talking about food only. Anil has a shop in the old wall city and he takes some time out from his boring schedule to try new places and explore unique dishes. He loves Dosa at DMB, Kesar Chai at Adda, Nirman Nagar, Paneer Tikka at Bhatiya, Raja park, Coffee at Nothing Before Coffee.



He says “I get the cravings for Tandoori Momos from Rara, Vaishali Nagar. I have got a sweet tooth, so I love the Faludas from  Shreenath Faluda and Nectar. Panipuri from Lalaji and Pav Bhaji from Pandit are my most favourite street food dishes.”

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Cauldron Sisters : Ratika and Richa are not food bloggers but, they are in love with food. Home Cooks and Restaurant\Food consultants by profession, they both are big time foodies and being crafters of food, they have a vast knowledge of dishes.

They roam a lot in city, thus it was difficult to put some choices in the list. They love Udon noodles at Zolocrust, Chilli Paneer and Potato Roesti At Steam, Mango and Cola Sorbet from the house of Froyoland.


Ratika says that “House of People is our favourite place to hang out. We just love the Cold Chocolate from Home Cafe. When it comes to Pizza and Cocktails, ‘La Palma’ becomes our first choice.”

Richa adds, “For Chinese cravings, we prefer House Of Han. To your surprise, Niros serves the best Baked Vegetable and Conversation’s Tandoori Platter is among the best ones in the city.”

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Last and also an ex food blogger, Sonalify.. That’s me. Although I have discounted food blogging but I can’t ever stop being a foodie. I have few favourites like Kanji Vada outside Jantar Mantar, Daal Chila and Dahi Vada at Secretariat. Aloo kachori from Sampat and Golgappe from Lalaji & Brijwasi. I just love the Espresso Tonic and pancakes of Curious Life Coffee Roasters and how can I forget hand beaten coffee and ‘Corn Shots’ from Tapri. Do try Pyaaz Kachori from DMB. Tandoori Momos from RARA momos are just love and Cheesecake & Pizzas from Jaipur Modern @KItchen is incredible.

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