Title : Red States

Author : Anthony P. Jones

Rating : 4.5/5

About the Book : Red States is a political thriller pitting two CIA agents against a Triad boss bent on overthrowing the United States. The result is a fast-paced, action-packed page-turner. Triad Boss, who has grown board with the day-to-day activities of building his criminal empire decides to launch an initiative that will make him the best-known person in the world— he plans to overthrow the United States government.

About the author : Tony was born in a small rural town Kenbridge, Virginia. He studied biology at Xavier University of Louisiana, medicine at Meharry Medical College and creative writing at the University of Virginia. He has spent twenty-five years in corporate America, fifteen as an Associate Vice president with Morgan Stanley. Tony has written for twenty-four years and has published two novels, Operation Smokeout- Allen Publishing and D8 With F8- Self/Brown Bag Books. He has a collection of seven additional completed novels as well as two screenplays.

My Say : With a catchy title, the Author has written this political thriller with whole of his heart and mind. I must say that, it’s a page turner and grabs you to the worlds of ‘Snake header’ and ‘CIA Agents’. The Author has sketched all the characters really strong and made the plot quite tight.

Zhang Ju, the boss of the silent dragon triad and CIA agents Zasha & Cole will make you curious to know more and more about what happens next. As the largest “Snake Header” in China, his plan involves planting people in the US and providing them with citizenship paperwork, then having them vote in hand selected candidates, who will gradually assume power.

Two CIA agents are sent to China to investigate the Snake Headers, who dump more illegal immigrants in the US than any other country. They stumble on the Triad Boss’ plan, which involves underworld figures from Russia and Mexico. After learning of a meeting bringing together the underworld figures, the CIA agents rally a group of commandos to take the group down all at once. Things go terribly wrong and the Triad Boss escapes with his delegation and then, what happens next..? for this you have to read the book.

Final Book Cover - Red States

I was not a big fan of political thriller but, this book made me one. A strong characterisation with a fast-paced yet powerful story, what else you need to make your weekend fruitful?

& thus, I would like to recommend this book as Red States will take you to world of politics and you will end up biting your nails.


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