|Book Review| Different Shades Of Love : Some Relations Are Beyond Love By Komal

Title : Different Shades Of Love

Author : Komal

Paperback: 188 pages

Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.; 1 edition (12 September 2018)

Language: English

About the book : Megha is a 24-year-old working girl. To society, she is independent, the only child in her family and has everything that anybody could desire. But life is not as simple as it seems. She is constantly lost in her thoughts. Even her friend Riya is unable to understand her. Her colleagues think she is a weirdo.

A new person, Samir, enters the office and Megha’s life. He is the complete opposite of Megha. They become friends, but will he be able to change Megha’s strange behavior? What will happen to this new wave of friendship between Samir and Megha?

About the Author : Komal started writing about 3 years ago. This is her first book. Her favourite genre is drama, and she gets inspiration from her daily life. She got the idea for her book from the people around her.

Komal maintains a blog as well. She stays in Jaipur and works as an investment banker. Apart from writing, she engages in reading, which is her first love.

My Say : A story, where an ambitious girl has opened her heart out. Just like it’s title, this book has many shades. From being a part of orthodox family to getting bullied and then..well you have to find it out on your own.

I must say that after a long time, I actually connected with the book so much that it made me laugh and it made me emotional many times. ‘Different shades of love’ talks about all the shades of love. The story takes a gripping start and, as I go further, I thought it’s going to be an usual story but no! I was wrong. It’s something different.

The story revolves around an ambitious girl, who is longing for love and respect. This story takes interesting twists and turns and gradually becomes much more than that. I couldn’t resist turning pages and I completed it in one go.



In the pool of many books, Komal’s words are like pearls. The character ‘Megha’ is strong, ambitious, clear and quite loveable. In some scenes, I felt like.. Oh gosh.. it has happened with me too. Being a Jaipurite, the locations like WTP, Chokhi Dhani etc. were quite close to me. The Author developed the characters quite strong. Every chapter has an interesting story to tell, that makes you curious to know more and more. From the beginning, I got interested in the history behind the Character ‘Pawan’. Not even a single character was predictable. The plot is quite engaging and you will definitely connect the book with some parts of your life.

I would like to recommend this book as it’s a story of many girls, who belong to small cities.. who have dreams.. who have faced hurdles.. but they struggle and reach the heights.

Kudos to Komal for writing a master piece. I will be waiting for your next book and also, for your autograph 🙂

Rating : 5/5

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