“Change is the real fashion”, says this stylish, yet elegant designer & the founder of ‘Abia’, Mrs. Arpita Nahar!

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My search for stylish apparels ends here!

Few days back, I met a friend who was really disappointed by my fashion sense. She took me to a fashion studio and tried to do my makeover.

There I met the founder of the fashion studio ~ Mrs. Arpita Nahar,

Mrs. Arpita Nahar

I was quite impressed by her collection and ideas. It made me so curious to know more about her.

Thus, I asked few questions about her journey of becoming a fashion designer. She enthusiastically talked about her dreams and venture.

& today, I am so excited to present my conversation with her in this beautiful article because she inspired me to chase my dreams.

I hope this excerpt would encourage my readers too.

Have a look :

Sonalify : So Arpita, tell me something about you and also, about your venture?

Arpita : To start with myself, I think.. I’m quite a creative person. Amalgamation of certain things forces me to create the beauty around me. I’m quite particular about looking different and yet so perfect. From clothes to shoes to accessories and to makeup.. I like perfection in everything and, this forced me to start my new venture ‘Abia’, so that I can share my talent with all the girls around.


Sonalify : How it all started? Like have you ever thought of doing a work like this before?

Arpita : I always wanted to do something on my own and when I was confident about my talent, I gave a concrete thought and then, I became an entrepreneur. It all started with some general conversations among my friends and family. It encouraged me and pushed me a lot to move towards my dream and to make it real.

Sonalify : What is the history behind this name ‘Abia’?

Arpita : Abia– terms as ‘My father is my God’, & this is the reality of my life too.

As my dad is my guiding angel and support pillar.

Sonalify : What are the difficulties that you face, being a fashion designer? As you know, the trend keeps changing in the fashion world.

Arpita : In case of difficulties, I would say that I am divinely blessed with supportive friends and family, and could overcome all the hurdles very easily. About the changing fashion, I can just say that “Change is the real fashion”. So there is nothing to worry about change, you just have to be on toes.

Sonalify : What keeps you motivated? 

Arpita : Motivation for me is my work and my work is my passion. I don’t believe in compromising. I simply create only those things, which I am sure that I would love to wear. So putting new things to perfection everyday is my real motivation.

Cocktail dress from Abia

Sonalify : What skills are required to be a fashion designer? 

Arpita : Mainly it’s the passion towards your work. Other factors like knowledge, experience and finance etc. are also important but, if you’re confident and passionate about your work then, gradually things will start falling in your place.


Sonalify : Your sweetest memory as a fashion designer?

Arpita : Since the first day of my work, I am weaving many memories. But I will always remember that day when my dad called up and said, “I’m really proud of you beta, I am just waiting for the day to come when people will address me as the father of Arpita Nahar”. That phone call literally brought tears in my eyes…tears of happiness!!

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for my readers? 

Arpita : I would say that if you really want to do something then, just find your passion within you and start working for it. Trust me, the complete universe will help you in achieving your dreams 🙂

That’s me with her ❤    (Inside her studio)

Wow!! Isn’t it quite inspiring? Thank you Arpita for sharing your positive thoughts.

I wish you good luck for everything. ❤

Abia can be found on these platforms : Facebook, Instagram 

& with this lovely post,

This is Sonali Agarwal signing out.

I shall see you soon with another post.

Till then..

Don’t forget to live your life in style 😉

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