The one-of-kind Lifestyle show—‘Hidden Treasures’ is back for its 2nd edition in Jaipur on 13 and 14 October at SMS Convention Centre. The show will be home to as many as 100 exhibitors including numerous fashion labels, start-ups, eco & organic brands, NGOs, food and beverage outlets, among many others.

From well-acclaimed fashion designers to budding entrepreneurs and hidden talents from all over the country as well as international beauty products, ‘Hidden Treasures’ will be an exclusive platform for all. The show has been curated and conceptualised by entrepreneur-duo, Richa Singh and Saloni Bhandari.

Day before yesterday, I got a chance to meet with Richa Singh and Saloni Bhandari. I was a little more curious to know about them and thus, I am presenting an excerpt from that insightful conversation.

Have a look :

Sonalify : So what is the history behind HT? How did it all start?

Richa : That’s such a lovely question but I have to tell you that we have no history. You know, if you talk about when did we start, but we are so young.. so young, that it’s unbelievable and yes, of course it’s been just seven to eight months that we started out. We had our first show in February that was in Jaipur. We had another show in April that was in Udaipur and this is going to be our third show, so yes we are THAT YOUNG!

Saloni : We started the idea over a call. I remember being on a holiday and Richa called me saying that we will do something when you come back, and then I asked what? She said.. we shall talk when you come back but I was avoiding it because I am totally a laid-back person, I like to sit and read books, and after few months, in August, we met for coffee and then she told me about this idea. She said, let’s do a lifestyle show and during that time I had to work for my alumni and it didn’t happen for some reason and then, I was free so I said, Okay! I shall do it but only with you because as I mentioned that I’m quite a lazy person. (Everyone Laughs)  

Then, we just started and we kept the name also quite simple. Since we were discovering hidden things so, we just called it ‘Hidden Treasures’, and within a week we were already booked with one of the exhibitors.

Exhibition Last Year
A glimpse of the show

Sonalify : Are you thinking of expanding too?

Richa : YES! (A quick answer came) We are going to have a very regular calendar and we are planning to visit cities and towns, and you never know, we might go International someday. We are just taking baby steps.

Saloni : There is nothing like exploring things and then, suddenly you realise that, yes! this is what you wanted to do. That’s the beauty of your passion that day and night, you just think about how to expand and grow your work.

Whimsical by Shica
Don’t miss the apparels

Sonalify : Your sweetest memory related to HT?

Richa : We think that we are discovering this every day.. every hour.. every minute while talking and selecting the exhibitors. The research in this work does not bore us. We never get settled down with something and say, This is it! This keeps us going and adding to our sweet memories.

Saloni : You know when people write to us.. when kids write to us.. when you have people who are looking for a platform and they come to you, It humbles us and make us feel that WOW they are actually looking for us.. It’s a very humbling feeling!!!  So every day is a new memory!  Every day we feel like.. Yes!! This is happening to us!  So, I think that we have so many sweet memories.

Radhika Agrawal Jewels
Unique jewellery at the show

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to give any advice to those women who want to start something on their own?

Saloni : You should ask this to Richa.. She is a tycoon. (Everyone smiles) 

Richa : I would say that if you want to do any work then, you should immediately start. TODAY.. NOW.. AT THIS MOMENT!!!! Without any fear and without any doubt. There are lot of opportunities available around the world. You just have to be determined to begin and the moment you begin, believe me you are going to rock!!

Saloni : I think you have to follow your passion. Do whatever makes you happy because when there is a passion in your work then, there is a sense of being truthful to yourself and towards your work. And for the first time, I am working on this level, previously, I have done only voluntary jobs. I have never worked professionally but, I think it’s never too late. I am in my 40s. You surprise yourself and others a lot, by learning new things. And as Richa said, there is no tomorrow.. there is just NOW!!! It can be little but you just have to start and someday you will reach heights.

That’s me with these gorgeous ladies ❤

I must say that it was a wonderful knowing both Saloni and Richa. Their journey and words are quite inspiring.

& Yes.. Don’t miss this exhibition on 13th & 14th October at S.M.S Convention Centre, Jaipur ❤

Last but not the least..

Thank you Tusharika for inviting me. You are love ❤


The show will include bespoke handicrafts, finest fabrics, elegant accessories and elaborate jewellery. Our first edition in Jaipur was followed by a show in Udaipur and now Hidden Treasures will also travel to Jodhpur and Indore.

Some of the highlights for the ‘Winter Show’ in Jaipur are – resplendent creations in Lehariya by Padmashree awardee, M. Tayeb Khan of Jodhpur; international beauty brands like OPI and Kevin Murphy brought by Tangerine; recycling and waste management service, Daily Dump from Bangalore; bold yet quirky jewellery by celebrity fashion jewellery designer, Radhika Agrawal; fresh organic produce from Katori Fresh and many more, added the organisers.

Themed on hues of pink and red, the show will also feature live music performances as well as lip-smacking eats and drinks as an added attraction for all the avid shoppers.

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