“Someday I would like to open a chocolate boutique in jaipur”, says this passionate home baker, Mrs. Shipra Dusad |Shelance|

Under my project Shelance, I met this passionate home baker, who is delivering sweetness in Jaipur by making delicious chocolates.

Her brand is Raisins Chocolates by Shipra D 

I tasted few chocolates made by her and I really liked it. I would like to recommend these chocolates.

Also, I had a thoughtful conversation on her journey of chocolate making. I would like to share that conversation with you all.

have a look at the expert from my conversation with Mrs. Shipra Dusad

Me with Mrs. Shipra Dusad


Sonalify : So Shipra, first tell me about yourself.

Shipra : Myself Shipra Dusad, married and a mother of two. Basically I’m quite down to earth person. I don’t like to show off and I hate to pretend. What I’m outside..the same I am inside. I’m quite a creative person. I’m always curious to learn new things. I can learn from any sources like t.v., magazines or youtube channels.



Sonalify : So how did you start this ‘Raisins chocolates by Shipra’?

Shipra : I learnt making chocolates some time ago, the that time I was not sure whether I want to do something related to chocolates or not. But, when I learnt that skill, it raised my interest in chocolates and then, after around a week, I got to know that there is an exhibition going on at some hotel, I contacted the organiser and then, I got a chance to put my first ever stall in that exhibition.

I must admit that I received really good response from that exhibition and it was beyond my expectations. In two days, the whole stock of chocolates ended. After that, on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, I received many orders.

After that I was so enthusiastic to start this chocolate business. Then, my husband supported me to start ‘Raisins Chocolates by Shipra’



Sonalify : Why only Chocolates? Why not other food items?

Shipra : Giggles.. I’m quite fond of chocolates. I just love chocolates. You won’t believe that sometimes I even hide chocolates from my kids and I eat them before my kids see them. I am that crazy for chocolates…Laughs



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Sonalify : Why do people prefer handmade chocolates over the chocolates available in market?

Shipra : It’s like.. we can’t eat daily at restaurants. we prefer home made food on the daily basis because it’s hygienic, fresh and made with lots of love. Thus, it applies on chocolates also. I don’t use chemicals and keep the mould clean and hygiene.


Sonalify : Are you thinking of expanding also?

Shipra : Yes!! ( A quick answer came) Like right now I am already ready with Diwali packings. In coming future, I’m thinking of starting a chocolate boutique with the support of my husband.

That’s how I am planning to expand.  It’s my dream as I want to do a lot of things related to chocolates.


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Sonalify : Are you thinking of taking workshops also?

Shipra : Yes. Right now I am not taking workshops but I would love to teach this skill of chocolate making to others.


Sonalify : Your sweetest memory as a chocolate baker?

Shipra : As I told you earlier, I organised a stall in an exhibition. In that exhibition, my mentor from whom I learnt making chocolates, visited that stall and she appreciated my chocolates a lot.

She was telling her friends there that this girl was my student and learnt making chocolates just some time ago and she is doing fabulous job as a chocolate baker because she has made even those varieties of chocolates which I don’t even taught her.

She was curious to know that how did I fill the chocolates because it seemed quite perfect to her. I would like to say that was my sweetest memory because when your mentor appreciates you then it means a lot.


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Sonalify : So last but not the least, would you like to give any advice to those women, who want to do something on their own?

Shipra : I would like to say that every person is creative and talented. When our five fingers are not same then, how can we expect that two persons will be the same thus, every person has different talent. So you should never compare. Do not hide your qualities and if you are good at something then put some efforts toward it. Push yourself.

Sometimes, you dont get support from your own family but fight for yourself and for your passion, That’s how you can fulfil your dreams.




In the end, I would like to thank Shipra for this soulful conversation and a memorable meet. 🌸

I wish her good luck for her future endeavours. ❤

You can contact Shipra for orders : 

Facebook : Click Here

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WhatsApp : 9887050690