“I started ‘DhiSukham Counselling Services’, so that I can bring peace to everyone’s life”, says this budding psychologist, Ms. Deepa Ramchandani

A budding psychologist and the founder of ‘DhiSukham Counselling Services,

Ms. Deepa Ramchandani talks about healing and celebrating lives.

Ms. Deepa Ramchandani


Few days back, I had an insightful & quite thoughtful conversation with her. Here I am presenting an excerpt from that conversation.

Have a look : 

Sonalify : So Deepa, tell me about ‘Dhisukham’ and how did you start it?

Deepa : The idea of starting Dhisukham was like something related to your mind and something related to your peace of mind. Dhisukham is about bringing peace to your thinking process and to your mind. When I started Dhisukham, I thought of healing those people who are suffering some mental health issues.


See, when people are stable then they tend to face more mental health issues. When some people stuck in career and the stress converts into depression, then those people will always find a place where someone is ready to help them and to heal them and that place is DhiSukham Counselling Services. 

IMG-20180930-WA0059Sonalify : What is the meaning of ‘Dhi-Sukham’? 

Deepa : As I said earlier, It is related to mind and peace. Dhi is mind or Intellectual and Sukham is peace. So it’s about giving peace to your mind and to your thoughts. In life, when we start something, we get either many options or no options at all. So when we get many options, we tend to get confused and when we get no options, we tend to get depressed. Thus, in the state of depression or confusion, dhisukham will always help you out to convert the low energy prana into strong energy prana.

Ms. Deepa taking a counselling session


Sonalify : Which services are provided by ‘DhiSukham Counselling Services’? 

Deepa : Currently I’m providing Career counselling, motivational therapy, access bar, cognitive behaviour technique (therapy), anger management, stress management, relationship issues and many others therapies which help you in coming out of pain.



Sonalify : How do you handle your tough clients?
Deepa : For us, clients are never tough but on the other hand, every single client is tough as they are facing a lot in their lives. For them, life is tough and like a hell. So when I look at them, I see their though phase, which they are going through and together we can help them.



Sonalify : I have seen many times that you always mention ‘Gratitude’ in your posts. Could you tell me why Gratitude is important in our lives and how to apply it? 

Deepa : In our lives, some people will appreciate you and some people will complain about you. So things which we focus that will increase. It’s like Cancer Cells, the way cells multiply just like that, our thoughts also get multiplied. If we are thankful to the things, positivity will increase in our lives. If we complain then, complaints will increase in our lives. If we believe in Gratitude then, people will make us grow and help. So that’s more important us to apply Gratitude in our lives. You can apply Gratitude by being aware and focused. Meditation also helps in it that you can practice by focusing on your breathe.



 Sonalify : What to do when you get stuck because of the people and environment in your life?

Deepa : These are the things which happen with each and every individual. So first of all, focus on the things and vibes that you are getting or absorbing. If people have complaints for you then, definitely you shall become quite negative about yourself. Everything is based on ‘give and take’. If you take negativity then, you shall start giving negativity too. You just need to change your focus on positivity whenever you are stuck.

Sonalify : Your sweetest memory as a psychologist.

Deepa : In such a small span of time, there are so many memories which I would like to cherish. First of all, when I conduced an event ‘Let’s Talk‘ in collaboration with sonalify and second, when I saw my name written on a flex as Psychologist at an event conducted by Shakti Foundation were among my most sweet memories.


Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for the young generation out there, who is very confused about career, love and life?

Deepa : I would like to say, ‘Don’t focus on yourself only’. You should focus on others and how you can help them too. There are always two ways in our lives. First, where you complain about you and about every problem of your life and second is, where you are very encouraged to face your own problems and solving other’s problems too.

Thus, always choose the second way, so that you can become motivated enough to celebrate life!

DhiSukham Jaipur Centre : Plot No. 271 – A,1st Floor, Above Reliance fresh, Hanuman Road, Tara Nagar – A Tara Nagar, Khirni Phatak Road, Jhotwara

Counselling over Call : 8233337279

That’s me with Deepa



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