“My passion for beautifying things, brought me into this field” says this immensely creative event manager, Himani Sharma

Former corporate trainer and founder of Vibhas Events,

This beautiful event planner, has got a lot to share about her journey and work.

Have a look : 

Sonalify : So himani, tell me about you and about your event company?

Himani : Six years back, I started Vibhas Events with one of my partners. Since then, we are doing, all kind of events like birthday parties, wedding, social parties and corporate events. But my core specialisation is in handling wedding events because I’m more interested in planning a wedding, as you get to do a lot of things in a wedding event and I love to beautify a special occasion of life like wedding.

Mrs. Himani Sharma


Sonalify : So how it all started? Have you ever thought of becoming an event manager?

Himani : No, I never thought about this. It was the life changing experience for me. I’m quite creative person since my childhood and the skills of beautifying things helped me becoming an event manager. I started working as a corporate trainer and there also, I handled some events and later on, I inclined towards this profession. Frankly speaking, I found it quite profit making also.


Sonalify : What are the difficulties did you face as an event manager?

Himani : There are a lot of difficulties that you face, as a planner. Every time you have to create new things, and you have to satisfy clients with that. Initially, we faced difficulties in getting the payment also, because people are not ready to pay advance payments and sometimes, even after the work. So, we had to make some policies before starting the work.


Sonalify : What keeps you motivated?

 Himani : Client’s satisfaction and their blessings. A smiling face of my clients after the event, keeps me motivated to do my work.

Sonalify : Which skills are required to be an event manager? 

Himani : Be updated about the market trends. Be creative. Try to do new things, everytime. Try experimenting with your work.


Sonalify : What was the sweetest moment, as an event manager?

Himani : Once, there was a destination wedding which I was doing, and before giving me the contract, my client asked me for the contact numbers of my previous clients. Although I don’t do this, as giving the contact numbers and all, but I gave her some numbers. And she revert back to me with lot of appreciations. Many of my clients praised my work and she told me this. So, that day, I just found that.. Yes!! I have achieved something in my life because nobody is criticising my work and it matters a lot.

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for the women out there, who want to do something on their own?

Himani : Be confident and be clear towards your work. Don’t misguide your client and whatever you want to do, just be clear before doing. You have to be patient towards your work and always be positive, as this attitude will bring a lot of work for you.


Sonalified with Himani Sharma

I must say, it was an encouraging conversation with Himani Sharma

I wish her good luck for her future events.

& with this eventful conversation,

This is Sonali, signing out.

I shall catch you up with my next post soon.

Till then..

Stay creative and believe in beautifying your life ❤




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