“WE NEED TO TRAIN SMART RATHER THAN TRAIN HARD” says Namrata Purohit on the launch of ‘The Pilates Studio’ in Jaipur.

“Drastic exercise is not needed to stay fit, India still needs to learn how to train properly and understand their bodies better. Fitness comprises of small things that build up far  more than how your body looks. Pilates is more about agility, balance, coordination and much more.”

This was stated by Celebrity Pilates instructor and fitness maverick, Ms. Namrata Purohit at the launch of the first Pilates Studio in Jaipur at ‘The Pilates Studio’ in Azad Marg in C Scheme.

Disha Thahryamal & Namrata Purohit.JPG
Ms. Disha & Ms. Namarata

So day before yesterday, I visited this uber cool studio on it’s launch in Jaipur and I was totally spellbound after seeing it’s simplicity.

‘Classy’ is the perfect word to define this studio.

The Pilates Studio 1
Much Needed Pilate Studio In Jaipur Is Now Open 🙂

On this occasion, Ms. Purohit said that every individual has different fitness goals, the amount of time they can dedicate towards fitness and their motivation to workout. Therefore, it is imperative that they get a customized regime to suit their fitness needs.

As far as diets are concerned a balanced nutrition is far more essential than going on a strict diet where you end up starving yourself. We need to stay hydrated and ensure we get all nutrients such as carbohydrates, good fats and proteins.

Me with Ms. Purohit

Franchise Owner, Ms. Disha Thahryamal said that Jaipur doesn’t have a proper place where people can come and do pilates using the right equipment. Pilates is an excellent way to workout and stay fit because it is very relaxing and tones your body well.

At ‘The Pilates Studio’ one can participate in group classes using various pilates equipment like reformer, cadilllac and pilates chair. It is that one exercise where using one machine you can workout every part of the body.

One with Disha Thahryamal and her lovely mom ❤

This marks the launch of Ms. Purohit’s 10th studio in the country against the backdrop of the pink city of Jaipur. The state-of-the-art studio is spread across 1700 square feet area to serve as a spacious haven for fitness buffs.

The Pilates Studio 3
Interiors at it’s best ❤

The studio will feature customized workout regimes with priority given to the balance between equipment and enough breathing space to fulfil all health needs. The colour palette of the studio is a combination of taupe, beige, black and grey which helps create a contemporary space that matches international standards. The minimalist yet lively interiors serve as the perfect canvas for the health conscious to find their stride. Ms. Purohit aims to expand her work and explore other cities in Rajasthan for additional branches in the future.

In frame : Me, Tusharika & Namrata

I was little sceptical about few fitness related things so I asked few questions from Ms. Purohit. Now I understand, what it’s being ‘Down to earth’. She listened to me quite calmly and gave the precise answers.

One with Tusharika Singh, Manager Spark PR and Communications

& last but not the least, I would like to thank Tusharika Singh, for inviting me to this event.

You are love ❤

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