In conversation with Mrs. Manisha Sakhrani Dugar, Founder of ‘Nirali’s Studio’. Her mesmerizing journey is full of ‘Nirala andaz’ & an inspiration for everyone!

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I bring before you my conversation with Mrs. Manisha Sakhrani Dugar, the face behind the brand Nirali’s.

Mrs. Manisha Sakhrani Dugar ~ Founder Nirali’s Studio

Many a times we are mesmerized by the charm of art and creativity. But what lies hidden behind is a lot of hard work and consistent belief in oneself and Mrs. Manisha demonstrates this very well. She is a person full of life, energy and inspiration.

So, Come, Let’s have a look at her story and see how her journey as an artist has been.

Sonalify : So, how would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

Manisha : Myself Manisha Sakhrani Dugar. My name itself speaks my story of love marriage. I have been born and brought up in Jaipur and have done my schooling from MGD Girls School. I am a mother of two, a young boy and a girl.

Sonalify : Okay. So, how did it all start? How did the thought of art came in ?

Manisha : I had no plans for this thing though, but since my childhood I was inclined towards crafts and all. So, never thought I would go professionally into it but there was a time when our family business crashed and everything was shattered. So, I thought let’s get my passion into some professional work. So, I started planning for it and my hubby played the role of my mentor. He guided me that I should increase my creativity by taking the classes available out there in cities like Delhi and Mumbai and helped me through the processes like the raw material purchasing for instance. Because as you see, the way males approach towards business is totally different from ours, especially when we are at the time of laying foundation stone, but with time and experience we females also grow up.

Then I followed him and gradually things started to work out and that is how I summarize the voyage of my creative arena.  And that is exactly how my brand Nirali’s came up.

Creative Gift Presentations by Nirali’s

Sonalify : So, you were like a helping hand to your family in those tough times ?

Manisha : Yeah, we both were doing it. I started with gift and trousseau only but I did not stop at one thing. I kept adding things. I went for ring platters, Bandhanwars, Gel candles, handmade chocolates, chocolate bouquets, handmade cards, Handmade Soaps and LIVE plant Bouquets and then we got into jewellery. Then we both got aligned that we should settle it in here. So, we are both doing jewellery online but at the same time my mother-in-law and my hubby suggested that now, when you are not in a position to take orders why don’t you start classes so that other women can get benefit of it. Like, when you wanted to do the class, there was nothing in Jaipur and still there are no creative professional classes in Jaipur. So, I started taking small classes, workshops etc and all my workshops were designed with professional orientation and not merely for the sake of hobby. In Our Classes we do all costings, labour charges, our designing cost, raw material consumption etc. Our profit margin, marketing strategy for single piece or bulk, launch of the product and its marketing and all.

So, we conduct different sessions and all the courses that I provide are professional ones. 

Whichever line you choose, you can startup a business on your own. 

Many students who have done their MBA or CA or  other academic courses were not allowed to do jobs due to which many of them suffered from  depression. So, this gave them a line as they could start from their home and fulfill their responsibilities along with work. So, it helped them.

And main thing was that I derived satisfaction out of it. I could see a Manisha in everybody. When I was struggling there was no one to hold on but since I have my past experiences of the orders I used to take, I am in a position to help them. Whatever orders still come to me, I forward to my students. This way their confidence also builds up and they get a recommendation as well. So, if they are short of funds, they get orders right from their place itself and they do not need to go for any exhibition.And they are all doing pretty well as they have aptly chosen their field of work. 

Workshops Done By Nirali’s

Sonalify : You also take workshops. So how is the experience with students?  So what has been your sweetest memory with students ? 

Manisha : Yes, I do take workshops as I mentioned and I am still taking it. Though I am full-fledged into jewellery but I try to take out some time for workshops. And I want more and more people to be aware of Professional Creative Career options, which they easily can run over from their homes.

Sweet memory yeah!  Last year, on teachers day a group of my students got a cake for me and it was a very lovely gesture. Recently on Guru Purnima, I received their token of love and appreciation through the messages they had sent me.

Beautiful creations by Nirali’s

Sonalify : Perhaps I can relate you having been a teacher myself. Such memories stay with you forever.

Manisha : Yeah, It feels amazing when people are happy with you. Still, they call me whenever they are stuck up with their work and I am there to guide them. So, we are like a family and are in touch even after years. They are free to call me whenever they need me and I also ensure asking them whether they are receiving orders or not. So, this way a family kind of relation is building up.

Sonalify : As you know art is very subjective in nature. We all get criticism. So how do you handle them?

Manisha : Criticism is not merely there for art, it is rather everywhere. Whether you are running a restaurant or you are just managing your home , you have to face criticism . It depends on the individual how they take it. For me it is like a call that you have to re-work , you have to repair things, you have to improve, you have to upgrade and you have to put more inputs to your work. So, I find criticism is a growing process for me.

Sonalify : So you take it as a motivation? 

Manisha : Yeah, because if you put more efforts , you seek more opportunities and you grow up. Without negative criticism you won’t grow up because you will otherwise be satisfied with the level you are at. But it is not like that, you need to gradually upgrade your skills. Not only in the artistic field but in every field up-gradation is imperative. In jewellery as well, I need to update my page every day. Similarly when I m taking my class session, though syllabus is fixed but we go for on the spot designing as trends keep changing and like in all other fields we need updation. Like at home we keep updating new recipes in cooking to satisfy family members cravings n taste buds…its the same process everywhere.

Sonalify : What keeps that fire alive in your heart? 

Manisha : See, I work for my passion and my satisfaction. Even after being completely involved into jewellery, I still take classes because it gives me satisfaction. This way I feel that somehow I am contributing a little  towards women empowerment, helping them out of their depression and worries as art is a meditation in itself. This feeling of making them feel good keeps me motivated.

That’s me with her ❤

Sonalify : Last but not the least, would like to say something to inspire the ladies out there?

Manisha : Just believe in yourself. And keep walking and cutting down the stones and hedges. Keep on trying things. Keep on doing things. Choose one line for yourself. There is a way and if you put in efforts, you will certainly find that way. Even if you are oblivion to it at the moment, you have to keep walking. For example, we were not aware of what our future would be, whether the studies would result into something or not. But we still studied what was taught to us during our academic years. This way we need to work. We have to keep on creating new concepts to marketing. So, do not feel disheartened if things do not work out. Just keep on walking.

I must say.. It was indeed an inspiring conversation with her.

If you are looking forward to contact with her then, you can ping her on

WhatsApp : 9309392933

FacebookMrs. Manisha Sakhrani Dugar 

InstagramNirali’s Designer Studio

YoutubeNirali ka nirala style

& now this is Sonali Agarwal signing off..

Stay Creative & Always keep that fire alive in your heart ❤ 

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