{In conversation with Mrs. Pallavi Singh} A storyteller & a soft skill trainer. She is Custodian of the Heritage Home Hotel Naila Bagh Palace.

Well, who doesn’t like to hear a story? We all have one or the other story that takes us to the memory lane, where it came to us for the first time. All the good morals that our Grannies used to extract out of the stories they told, are indeed the foundation of the character we demonstrate today. And it is our duty to pass on the same values to the coming generation. Well, that is the belief this storyteller has.

Thus, today we have with us Mrs. Pallavi Singh, who is a Storyteller and also a Soft skill Trainer. 

I met this lovely story-teller few days ago, I was so mesmerised by my conversation with her, that I thought of sharing it with you all.

Mrs. Pallavi Singh, The Storyteller &  A soft skill trainer

I bring before you an extract of my conversation with her. Have a look :

Sonalify : Ma’am, Story-telling is an art in itself. What was that one thing that made you feel ready for it?

Pallavi : I was inspired by my kids and a good friend! I started with telling tales to my daughter, when she was younger and I found it was immensely beneficial. It added so much value, what’s more, every day she would want to listen to more stories. And then, my son came along and we did a few more stories together. At around the same time, I met Gayatri Rajwade, who used to do so many stories for her child. So, with a compatible mindset, the two of us started story-telling together and our venture is now called as The Story Tree.

Mrs. Pallavi Singh with Kids ❤

Sonalify : Ah beautiful! So, the stories you tell are purely fiction or they are somewhere a part of you?

PallaviAt the Story Tree, we always curate interesting tales for children from around the globe. In addition, we tell stories of Indian authors as well, which are lesser known but wonderfully written. The reason behind sharing indian author stories is that they speak of our history, our traditions and of our values. And you know,gone are the days of the joint families where the Grannies delightfully passed on anecdotes and stories to children. So, how do we share with our kids our history and our heritage? I think stories are an important medium to that extent.

Sonalify : What would you focus upon more- the story or the way it is told and why ?

Pallavi : Of course the story is important. However the way it is told makes all the difference. You see, keeping children’s imagination and their attention occupied with you takes more effort than it does while you are talking to an adult. Furthur, telling story in the right way is important, not only to make it more interesting but also, to communicate the right spirit of the story. You have to bring it alive through your voice and expressions to convey the essence of the story.

Kids enjoying the activities conducted by The Story Tree

Sonalify :  What are the tools that you think are essential for story telling?

Pallavi : Foremost is of course the love for reading by the story teller! More than that if you are passionate about something, be it story telling or any other work and you are regular and consistent, then you will reach out to the right medium and the right audience and make your own path.

Sonalify : What is the impact that you wish to bring through story telling ?

Pallavi : In today’s stressful world, I want children to realise that books are always going to be their best friends. You do not need dependency on people, events and situations, if you learn to appreciate books and mother nature! Further, as they say: if you are a reader, then you have a best friend forever.

Pallavi Singh & Gayatri  Rajwade ~ The StoryTellers

Sonalify : It isn’t usually easy to get hold of the audience for long. How do you manage doing that  ?

PallaviWell we do many things, we even get laughed at sometimes by the kids. But, the more they laugh, the happier we are. We conduct several activities to engage the children. We’ll do ice-breakers, sometimes we’ll do team activities for little kids to run all over amongst other things.

Sonalify : What is that one thing that keeps you motivated for the work that you do?

Pallavi : The quest for learning as well as Personal Productivity! For all my works, be it managing the home hotel, the story telling venture and trainings.

Sonalify : Some story books suggestions for the kids out there?

Pallavi : Yes, definitely, Gayatri and I would like to recommend these two books- “Valmiki’s Ramayan” and “Hanuman’s Ramayan”. They are lovely books to read. Recently, I read another one to the children which is our all time favourite  ‘When The Tiger Came To Tea’ and ’Salt In His Shoes’ very nice books for children again.

Your Favourite Book? : Autobiography of a Yogi

Your Favourite Author? : Wilbur Smith

Your Hobbies : Reading, Travelling and Dancing 

Sonalify : You told me that you are a soft skill trainer too. How did it help in your passion for story telling?

Pallavi : With this I have tried to bring another angle to storytelling which is making children more confident. So, of course the primary aim of storytelling by The Story Tree is to inculcate the love of reading, there also follows another which is actually influenced by my soft skill trainings is to make them more confident in their communication and more prepared in their interactions with others.

Sonalify : Any advice that you would like to give to the parents for the encouragement of storytelling.

Pallavi : Dear parents, you must read to your children, every night. This is the only thing. However, clichéd it sounds, but I have as a parent seen the difference in my children. They may have their own tiny stresses from school or from fighting with another child as they come back home, what more can one want than having their Mumma or perhaps Papa , read to them at night because it really does change the atmosphere, they learn something new from the stories with their loved ones in a very secure environment. It’s amongst the best thing you can do for your children.

That’s me with her ❤

Wow. I must say, it was quite a soulful conversation. I wish to meet this amazing personality again and again. 

Also, I’m sharing a video clip from her story telling session,, Enjoy !

& with this heartfelt conversion and video, I’m signing out.

I shall catch you up again soon

Till then..

Make an awesome story of your life 🙂

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