“My brother encouraged me to stay strong & dream more, during my tough phase”, says this budding entrepreneur, Heena Thakurdasani

Ahoy lovely people!

August is here, so is my first blog post for this month 🙂

Under my project #Shelance, I met this lovely person who was working with a newspaper agency and now she has started working from home.

Yes! Work of selling bedsheets from home.

Isn’t is amazing? How you leave job, feeling doubtful and full of fears and then, you show courage to do something on your own.

Heena is an inspiration for all. Even, I learnt many things from her. Have a look at my conversation with her ❤

Heena Thakurdasani

Sonalify : So, Heena how did it all start? How you came into this bed sheet business? Please tell me.

Heena :  My brother was the one who inspired me. It was his idea that ignited a hope in me to start something on my own when the times were blue. And when the question was to start something, I thought why not do something that I like doing.  I have always been fond of exchanging the culture. Therefore, my primary focus was to facilitate inter-city reach of my goods so that people residing in other cities and states come to know about the Jaipuri prints and the culture of Rajasthan.

Sonalify : You were in Job, so how difficult was it to start your work from home?

Heena :  It was too difficult, as people weren’t aware of my business and there hadn’t been any promotions as well. However, I did a lot of mouth- marketing and in this my mother supported me throughout. Besides, she has got an excellent taste. I always take her along for the selection of designs. Also, my sister has been a great support while we head up for shopping. And when it comes to transportation of my goods out of the city, my father’s support plays an important role as he gets the entire enquiry done and recommends the best service that should be opted for.  Though I am the one who has to go through all the personal dealings, but things become easy with his support.

Family support indeed is a big thing.

Sonalify :  Why only Bed sheets? Didn’t you give any thought to expansion ?

Heena : See, bed sheets are something that everyone needs and they are needed every time. They are evergreen you can say. Besides being a necessary item for one’s household, they turn out to be a good choice for gift as well. One who is fond of decorating the house like me, can enjoy a variety as I offer not only bed sheets, but also cushion covers, pillow covers and bolster covers. Moreover, sofa covers and curtains are made available on order as well. And I am also planning to start a series of Plazos with Jaipuri and Leheria prints very soon.

Sonalify : Who is your inspiration behind this ?

Heena : My brother, strongly my brother and his business mind. He is a Chartered Accountant and what is even more appreciable is that he achieved it at a very young age. He became a CA by the time he turned 21. Resultantly, he has got excellent ideas and he always propagates a thought that one should go beyond thinking and just do what they want to do.

Sonalify : What are your other hobbies in addition to writing ?

Heena :  Reading.

Sonalify : That’s good. What all do you read ?

Heena : I read a lot of Books.

Sonalify : Specific author, if any ?

Heena : Ravish Kumar, who is also the anchor of NDTV Prime Time and has recently launched his book called “The free voice”. Before that also, he had written several books. Though there is a political touch in his work, but he is anyway my favorite anchor as well as my favorite writer. Besides I love reading Shiv Khera as well. “You can win”, I strongly believe in the title of his book as well the popular message it conveys “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.” And I keep reminding this thought to myself always.

Sonalify : Why should anyone prefer purchasing bed sheets from you over the portals like Amazon.

Heena : There is a big difference between feeling a product physically and seeing it on a digital screen. You know there is a difference in the aura itself.

Sonalify : But the people who opt for home delivery and are not able to see the product physically, what do you have to say about them ?

Heena : No, they come to me and consult. I send them photographs initially, and then if they like the product, I invite them to come and see it themselves so that they can also feel the fabric before I complete the order.

Sonalify : Did you have to make any special investment for this business ?

Heena : Yes, you need to make certain special investments in order to purchase the stock.

Sonalify : So, you used your savings for that matter?

Heena : Yes, I started it with the savings from my job. And my next step would be to start my own boutique.

Sonalify : What has been your sweetest moment, till date that served as an encouragement for you ?

Heena  : When the manufactures demand that if I know how to design, I should make the designs for them as well. Now, that encourages me a lot. And, also my customer’s feedback serve as a motivation.

Sonalify : So, they are good all the time ?

Heena : Yes, there has been a positive response till now and the products have always been appreciated for their reasonable range, unique designs and the quality of fabric. First of all, what customers appreciate is that there is no color bleeding.  To maintain all this, if I am required to spend extra from my pocket, I do that, as I consider customer satisfaction to be paramount.

Sonalify : Did you ever feel doubtful about what you were doing ?

Heena : Never, I have always been motivated. And my next step is to start my boutique or my store, anyhow.

Sonalify : Okay, last but not the least. Would you like to give a piece of advice to all the women who work from their home?

Heena : Yes, that they have to stay motivated every day, and it is very important that they inspire themselves from one way or the another. Because it happens that we feel disheartened when things do not work with promotions or publicity and when customers do not show up due to lack of awareness. But, when you want to do something good, it takes time. “The Good things take time”

Sonalify : Your contact details? So that people can contact you for orders.

Heena : Me at :  Facebook and my WhatsApp id is : 7014584228

Well, I must say that, it was quite soulful conversation. I wish Heena all the luck for her great future. ❤

That’s me with her ❤

& with this lovely thought, I’m signing off. I shall catch you up soon with my next post.

Till then..

Stay strong and keep dreaming 🙂


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